TfL look to resume Greenwich pedestrianisation and gyratory removal

Transport for London have announced their intention to resume plans to remove a gyratory and pedestrianise parts of Greenwich town centre.

A recent funding deal is seeing some schemes previously placed on hold now moving forward under the Liveable Neighbourhood scheme.

Plans to pedestrianise parts of the town centre were announced in 2017 but havn’t progressed.

King William Walk

Changes would see College Approach and King William Walk closed to vehicles.

Nelson Road would become two-way traffic.

Nelson Road

TfL are now hoping to start work but are not offering a definite guarantee work will happen.

Grants between £1 million to £10 million will be spent on a number of projects across the capital if projects proceed.

In the near term £2 million will be split between a number of areas, so little substantial is unlikely to happen without borough support.

Previous plans saw two areas of the gyratory closed to vehicles.

Greenwich town centre plans for pedestrianisation in 2018

Cycleway 4 would have a route through the town centre which it currently lacks.

The route is still very much piecemeal, but when complete should offer a dedicated cycle lane from Tower Bridge all the was to Plumstead.

To do so requires work at the one-way system in Rotherhithe, Greenwich town centre, Charlton to Woolwich and then through Woolwich town centre (I covered TfL’s plan in the town centre in recent days).

Looking towards Creek Road

Back in 2017 work in Greenwich town centre was costed at £5.4 million. That will be somewhat higher now with inflation.

News today showed construction inflation has dropped from highs near 30 per cent but still sits above 17 per cent.




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    10 thoughts on “TfL look to resume Greenwich pedestrianisation and gyratory removal

    • Intention to resume plans, but no definite guarantee as to when works will start,(or even if??). We’ll watch this space closely as its an exciting opportunity to progress. But no mention of cycle route ir terms of whether it will be part of the two way Nelson Road or within the newly pedestrianised sections? As usual cycling has to fit in wherever? Should be based entirely on benefits of cycling and walking, and ensure no motorised transport at all along pedestrianinised parts (including delivery scooters/ebikes etc!)

    • So disabled and elderly who are unable to walk or cycle and who want to go there, will get there how?

    • Again, no consideration for disabled or their carers. Only a bunch of greenwashing for cyclists.

    • There is an underground car park next to cutty sark which is free for blue badge holders accessed from Welland Street. I would suggest that would well serve those unable to walk or cycle there. Once parked everyone would then enjoy easy access to Greenwich market and shops, which is currently difficult due to traffic flows, overcrowded pavements and kerbs.

    • Great post MJ thanks for your input

    • The large car park with disabled spaces is one obvious option.

      Those who are elderly and disabled will not have overcrowded narrow pavements to contend with as well.

    • James Clarke – No, as thousands of pedestrians will also benefit as will business/the market from outside seating. There’s also a car park that remains accessible directly under Cutty Sark Gardens with disabled spaces. Nearby stations also have lifts. People will have far more space than exists at present on crowded pavements.

    • Have you actually read the article or even know the area? The parking areas would still be available and only affects 2 parts of the road network that do not have any parking on the street already

    • There is no provision now on the streets in the plan already so why is this an issue

    • I would really like this to happen. The car centric design of towns is killing towns. The noise, the pollution, the danger, the overall unpleasantness. The whole mentality needs to change.


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