Greenwich Ikea nears completion as 2019 opening approaches

It can’t be long now until the meatballs arrive.

The big blue Ikea box is now almost externally complete  at Greenwich Peninsula.

Much of the blue cladding is now in place as is glazing. The store was originally due to open in late 2018 but now pushed back to early 2019.

The frontage will have a balcony and canopy attached upon completion. On top will be a place to eat and drink.

Internal fit out looks to be moving along fairly well:

As is usual when in the area, I thought I’d check out the rear of the site to see if any pedestrian improvements were apparent. This section will be used by people arriving from new housing being built on the Peninsula and incorporates a garden area.

No improvements are evident. With the store opening soon it would be expected to see some sign of movement.

Ikea seen on right. Heavy traffic leading to roundabout with no zebra or signalled crossing

As for the perennial traffic issue – it’s dire even before the store opens. The adjacent road was solidly blocked with buses held up for long periods heading to the bus-only road running past the new store and B&Q then towards the O2.

Here’s what the development has brought Greenwich Council:

Section 106 money from Ikea

Crossing roads approaching the giant roundabout here is a case of run out and hope for the best.

The area is increasingly residential.

As I’ve said before, when I was a student we’d go to a local Ikea as food was so cheap. It’s still only about £1.50 for a cooked English breakfast. New mums used to meet up there. It was widely used

Lots of people – including those at halls nearby and forthcoming sixth form students – will go simply for that. Not everyone goes Ikea for a new bed.

Here’s the side of the store. Recently built Greenwich Millennium Village housing blocks can be seen at the rear.

More homes are under construction. GMV is pretty lacking in places to eat:

No road changes are forthcoming. The only hope really is some better crossings but even that doesn’t appear to be happening.

I will be adding more photos to my Flickr page here.

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