Greenwich Poundstretcher closed for good?

It appears that the Poundstretcher store in Greenwich may have closed for good.

It was formerly a co op (and possibly a Somerfield but my memory is failing on that one), and was one of increasingly few stores in the town to offer good value. When I jumped off a train (or was heading to one) I’d almost always pop in for a few items. It’ll be a big loss to many on a budget.

Woolwich Poundstretcher moved into former Iceland – who moved into former Poundland – who moved into former M&S

Stores remain in Woolwich and Crayford.

Greenwich still has many on low incomes and this will be a loss to them. You couldn’t do a full weekly shop but for many essentials it’s half the price of local supermarkets.

The company has kept most of its 450 stores operating recently but annual losses have doubled to nearly £10 million.

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

16 thoughts on “Greenwich Poundstretcher closed for good?

  • Another gift from the Council that just keeps on giving!

  • What a shame.
    I work nearby and often popped into Poundstretcher. I’m not sure what will replace it though. I don’t think another express supermarket could survive there (Sainburys local is a few doors away and there’s a tesco express nearby too).

    • Yep it had a nice little niche and offered something different to those mini supermarkets. I’d always like finding what curios they had food wise from big names that didn’t shift in big stores. Often super cheap.

    • Big shame, I loved having a meander in there and often brought stuff. I was shocked when I recently went in and saw things packed up 👎🏽😔

  • Was a Somerfields, then a Co-op then finally a Budgens; roughly the same (always so lovely!) staff through all those years and companies so was a shame when it closed for good and became a Poundstretcher.

    • Ah yep the short lived Budgens. Similar in Plumstead

  • That unit must be cursed to have so many tenants in a relatively short span of time.

    There is/was a poundstretcher in the Catford centre and Wilko’s in Lewisham replaced the one that was in the back half of the much bigger unit. The front half of Wilko’s used to be occupied by Clarks, which has moved to the same side as WHSmith’s and may actually be nextdoor to it.

  • That Poundstretcher site was an F J Wallis supermarket in the 1970s, then International Stores (I worked Saturdays, then part-time there in the mid -1980s), then Gateway Stores before it became Somerfield. Co-op took over the Somerfield stores. The Greenwich Grill next to it used to be a Wimpy in the 70s and 80s.

    • The Greenwich Grill used to be a Wimpy’s until the late 2000’s if I remember correctly and the Sainbury’s use to be a Motorbike shop

      • Yep true I remember them now you mention it. Had totally forgot about the Wimpy. That whole little area has lasted far longer than I expected. A big redevelment is likely one day in the not too distant future. A fair bit of land to the rear as well.

  • @HK: now you mention it, I do recall the motorbike shop. Never had occasion to use it because I used to go to the now gone Metropolis Motorcycles at Vauxhall.

    • Yes brings back so many memories. I remember the motor bike shop too.

      Such a shame to see Poundstretcher go with so many on low incomes in the Borough. Poundstretchers was a great little shop with friendly staff which shoppers really appreciated.

      I think Murky is right about a possible redevelopment of the site in the future.

      In the mean time possiblty a Lidl or Aldi or similar store may take on the unit to provide another low cost option for residents on lower incomes in the area, I was surprised how much I saved on many items using Lidl/Aldi stores recently my shopping bill was genuinely half the price comapred to the main supermarkets !!

  • Aldi/Lidl are my ‘go to’ shops. The range is bigger than ever and the savings significant. When I stopped working, I found that I couldn’t afford premium brands.

    I’m not sure that unit would suit Aldi or Lidl since they both have big stores in Charlton.

    • Unlikely though perhaps they would go for it for their mini store formats as seen in Camden and Ealing. Massive tourist market – and Aldi and Lidl have big name recognition for tourists as all over Europe and the US. Ever more homes and hotels in the near vicinity too.

  • I hadn’t heard about the mini format, but agree that such a store would be a big draw and catch the passing tourist trade.

  • Iceland then JS and now Sainsburys


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