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Greenwich HSBC bank is to close

HSBC have announced that their Greenwich branch is one of 27 to close across the country.

The impending closures bring UK branches below 600.

There is no exact confirmed date but summer 2020 is expected.


  1. There is a branch in Lewisham and business would have to be very bad if this too was closed.

  2. CDT

    It will be a shame to see the Greenwich branch of HSBC bank close later this year.

    Although as Anonymous201481 rightly says there is a branch of HSBC at Lewisham. however, This does not also help the elderly and those wiith mobility issues having to travel to another branch further away.

    Lewisham branch will get even busier with more customers using this branch. I hope some of the Greenwich branch staff will be transferred to other local branches.

  3. Dougans

    I have been a customer of HSBC for nearly 50 years in Oxford and now London and I find this news very upsetting. Stop and think of
    us older people who do not want to have to travel to do their banking. The staff behind the counter in Greenwich are some if the best I have come across.

  4. So if I live in West Sussex is my account still alive in the Greenwich bank

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