Plans in for new Greenwich riverside Ship Tavern pub

Further details have been submitted for a new pub beside the Thames near the Cutty Sark following an initial application in 2022.

A former Byron Burger unit beside the ferry pier will become the “Ship Tavern”, as covered here in August ’22.

It appears no decision has been made by Greenwich Council with it listed as “appeal lodged”, presumably due to indetermination by the authority within the required timescale.

Building signage in new application

Plans see two signposts” incorporated into an historical antique cast iron London County Council lamp post base displayed on the footpath to the south-eastern corner adjacent to the building, and the south-western corner adjacent to the river boats ticketing booth.”

It’s around around the site where a former pub named the Ship Tavern once stood until demolished in a World War II air raid. A history of that pub can be seen here.

Frank Dowling is behind the venture. He also owns the Trafalgar Tavern a short distance away.

Forthcoming Ship Tavern beside river pier

In the past he also ran Bar De Musee before that closed and became a branch of Jamie’s Italian. That in turn closed and is now a branch of Grind.

Details of building changes and proposed new signage can be seen by clicking here.

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    4 thoughts on “Plans in for new Greenwich riverside Ship Tavern pub

    • I’ve found it incredible how long the place has been allowed to stay empty. Massive loss of revenue for the council you would think. Bet many entrepreneurs would have liked to open up something there but it has been completely intransparant as to how to reach the freeholders – i tried. Just dont understand how it can be financially viable to lay the location rot away for over 6 years and then let the same old guy on the block run it

    • Would like to find out how this deal came about. Know then site went empty around 2017 and was briefly advertised but taken offline at some point.

      I’m sure many entrepreneurs would have liked to operate in this prime space.

      I tried to find out how to reach the freeholders which seem to be kent civil service pension fund.

      Perhaps i missed any recent opportunity to rent this space but if not, it seems to just have been granted to the one person they know?

      Why is it in the financial interest of the council and the relevant pension fund to leave it vacant and miss any income for 7 years instead of giving local entrepreneurs an opportunity to build something meaninful and community enhancing?

      • What were you planning on opening in the space?

    • I will be pleased to see the building being brought back in to use. I think the pub will be popular with students from the nearby Greenwich Univeristy and local residents and tourist alike. Ò
      I have to agree with GWST Greenwich Council planners allow empty buildings and sites around the
      ⁸Borough to remain empty for years. Not uncommon for a site to be empty for 10 years or more. Allowing them to fall in to disrepair or become dump sites etc.
      We need to bring empty buildings and
      Building sites back in to use as soon as possible as long as they meet all safety standards.


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