TfL’s revised Silvertown tunnel modelling sees more traffic through Greenwich

The latest modelling drawn up for levels of traffic once the Silvertown tunnel opens shows more vehicles heading through Greenwich borough each afternoon.

Estimates of southbound vehicle journeys in the latest SA4 model show an increase from the earlier SA1 model.

Afternoon southbound journeys through Greenwich borough along the A102 and A2 have long been an overlooked part of the project when it comes to congestion.

While much of the positive PR from Transport for London has focused on alleviating morning northbound delays, there’s been little said regarding afternoon tailbacks which are a daily occurrence from around Falconwood through Eltham, Kidbrooke, Blackheath and Greenwich.

Now it appears more vehicles will join those queues if the latest revision to predicted traffic totals proves correct.

Arrows show where focus has been on mitigating traffic levels. Little focus on southbound direction within Greenwich 

The information comes from the latest report before the Silvertown Tunnel Implementation Group.

Traffic leaving both the Silvertown and Blackwall tunnels will converge on existing roads in Greenwich unlike north of the Thames

Estimates have changed as additional factors were taken into account such as toll discounts and reductions in proposed buses.

Model revisions

Of three bus routes mentioned in relation to the tunnel, one already crosses the river (the 108), one heads east and not west to Canary Wharf after crossing to Newham borough (the 129 which partly already exists and will be extended to Beckton) with only one entirely new route being the X239, which will skip most of the borough. See the dashed area below:

Proposed bus routes.


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2 thoughts on “TfL’s revised Silvertown tunnel modelling sees more traffic through Greenwich

  • Not a surprise.

    Traffic along Woolwich road hampered by pavement and road works this afternoon, resulting in lots of bad tempered stupid dangerous behaviour by drivers which wouldn’t have happened if road not narrowed for bike lanes. No cyclists as mainly young men commuting around office hours or food delivery bikes in evening.

    Going to get worse.

  • Woolwich road used to be two lanes and is still two lanes. Don’t blame ‘dangerous behaviour’ on other factors, blame it on those behaving dangerously.


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