Greenwich bar seeks to extend opening hours after previous rejection

A meeting today is set to determine whether a bar in east Greenwich can open later.

Angle 90 at 166 Trafalgar Road are looking to serve alcohol until 1:30am from the midnight cut off currently permitted on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Reports before the licensing board highlight some issues, including a shooting nearby on 31st August 2020. A report states:

“An incident occurred in Christchurch Way opposite the premises whereby a firearm was allegedly discharged.

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“Whilst not being directly attributable to the premises, it was noted by the Police investigation that at least one of the parties involved had been using the premises immediately before the incident and that the premises was open beyond its permitted hours and the Premises Licence Holders were warned about their future operations.”

The business also breached covid restrictions shortly after:

“In October 2020, acting on information and intelligence received from the RBG CCTV operators, the Premises Licence holder was served with a Fixed Penalty Notice for £1000 following breaches of the Coronavirus Restrictions and Regulations”.

The site has also been the source of complaints about noise, with the report reporting:

“In May 2020 a number of complaints were raised regarding noise emanating from the use of the rear outside area of the premises and the operator was spoken to and advised regarding the times of use of the area.”

“Since that time there have also been sporadic reports of noise issues from the premises reported to the Council’s Noise Team with allegations that the premises operates beyond its permitted hours.

These were dealt with by the Noise Team by means of verbal warnings and advice being given to the operators.”

A previous application in 2021 to extend hours was rejected.

A decision is set to be made this afternoon, and posted on the Greenwich Council website in coming days.





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4 thoughts on “Greenwich bar seeks to extend opening hours after previous rejection

  • Midnight is quite reasonable but more to the point if you continually breach your existing license once, let alone several times there is no way you have demonstrated responsible management. They should have their hours cut, closely managed and heavily fined when they flout the rules again. If they demonstrate they can abide by the rules after a year the previous hours reinstated then a 5yr period where they maintain good behaviour THEN they can apply for longer hours. Quite simple.

  • Absolutely I do not think the Management Team have shown they are responsible enough to have their licencing hours extended to 1:30 am. Midnight is late enough. We need to respect neighbouring residence from noise and any possible anti social behaviour.

  • Agree with previous comments, midnight means banging of car doors, loud conversations and street noise already between 12.30 and 1am. More to the point, why did residents nearby who would be affected (the bar users usually park in old woolwich road and Hadrian Street) not receive a letter warning of this to enable them to raise objections? I believe an 11.30 cut off would be late enough for this residential area where young children are asleep, and most adults too, especially those who start early shifts weekends such as nhs staff.

  • I also agree with the other comments and with Derek. 11;30 pm is late enough for pubs and clubs to open in residential areas. Residents do not want people shouting and cars doors slamming in the early hours of the morning when they or their children are trying to sleep.


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