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Nandos to close in Greenwich and be replaced with 24 hour Burger King?

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Update: Many people have pointed out that the former Prezzo unit is empty and a more likely candidate. I agree yet planning documents show it on the Nandos site and location history also links to Nandos (see bottom of pic below). All a bit odd. Will try to find out more.

Original story:

Is it out with the Peri Peri and in with the Whopper? A plan has been submitted to open a Burger King 24 hours a day at Greenwich Millennium Leisure Park beside the Odeon just down from the new Ikea which opens in less than a month on 7th February.

Looking at the planned site location document does appear to show it on the site of Nandos.

*super boring fact alert*

I had my first ever whopper in the old Greenwich Burger King which was located where the DLR station was later built near the Cutty Sark. It had a green frontage and closed in the late 90s I think? I’ve loved Whopper burgers ever since. *drools*

Will there be much demand for a 24 hour Burger King I wonder? The adjacent cinema tends to stay open until 1-2am and there’s shift workers etc.

Personally I’m all for it. For a major world city way too many things in London close early and the more options the better.


  1. Ross

    Might be worth it for BK to be able to provide 24hr Deliveroo/Uber Eats as well. 24hr-delivered McDonalds has been useful on some night shifts!

  2. Martin

    Oh dear, from the planning application letter…

    Nandos is due to vacate Unit 4 at Millennium Leisure Park imminently. This application seeks approval for the unit to trade on a 24-hour basis, to meet the requirements of the incoming tenant, Burger King.

  3. Charles Calthrop

    I’m in favour of anything that brings a little more life into the area after 7pm though BK is a mixed blessed. It’s certainly tasty enough and for a filling meal quite affordable. Hopefully it will take advantage of the cinema trade and learn from the mistakes McDonald’s made when they were in that complex (ie:not leaving it stuffed with trainees and cooking food only after the big screenings finished rather than having it ready for hamburger-hungry customers)

  4. Stuart

    The BK in Greenwich you talk about closed after at least 2003. It was still there when I was at university in Greenwich from 2001-2004. Used to eat there most days (!)

  5. Nandos is moving but not very far they have an application in for the old Prezzo next door.

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