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New Greenwich housing block decision: Council kick off virtual meetings to decide

Greenwich Council are to hold their first virtual meeting next week and will look at a new block of flats planned for Greenwich town centre.

Planners are recommending approval for the block located next to Premier Inn on Greenwich High Road.

Earlier plan

The current site comprises a modest early 20th Century building and car park in front of the Maritime development which completed last year. The site in front will see this new block if approved.

Maritime block – taken spring 2019

A similar in-fill block is under construction further along Greenwich High Road:

Another block

And then a few metres along is yet another building site:

That is at the corner of Norman Road and will see this building:

Planned block


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  1. CDT

    I like the look of the proposed development on the corner of Norman Road/Greenwich High Road and is much better than the office building that it replaces. This area as seen a lot of new developments of late bringing much needed new homes.

    With new buildings being built close to historic Greenwich Town Centre is that we do not loose to much of the areas heritage

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