123 windowless hotel rooms planned in Deptford housing block

Plans have been submitted to convert space allocated for shops and office use into a hotel at the base of a Deptford housing block.

In Deptford yet within Greenwich borough

Plans were previously approved in 2012 but lapsed. This new plan increases rooms by 22 to a total of 123 windowless rooms. Documents state:

“This permission expired on 30th March 2015, owing to circulation
concerns and floor plate inefficiencies, the internal layout of the hotel has been developed from that previously proposed. This has resulted in guest rooms moving closer to existing external facades. The revised scheme seeks to include more guest rooms with an additional 22 guest rooms changing the room count to 123 windowless guest rooms.”

The hotel is car free but as anyone who knows the adjacent Crossfields estate and Creekside will know, parking is already strained.

Nearby road – hotel to rear. 

Click here to view plans.


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14 thoughts on “123 windowless hotel rooms planned in Deptford housing block

  • Totally agree. Surely these plans cannot be passed and must break several health and safety laws. Not least how do you get out in an emergency.

  • I wondered whether this was a delayed April Fool, but having taken a look at some of the planning documents, it does appear to be genuine. The planning docs say that windowless rooms are designed to help hotel guests sleep better ! I cannot envisage many people being comfortable for long in a room with no windows, although I think the concept is used in Japan. Most bizarre indeed.

    • ‘The planning docs say that windowless rooms are designed to help hotel guests sleep better …’ The answer is blackout blinds.

  • Work on the original 101 room design ceased about 4 years ago and the site lay half fitted-out and ruining the appearance of the estate for 3 years until about 12 months ago when contractors returned, ripping out much of the old unfinished fit-out and rebuilding to a new design – presumably this 123 room plan. They had been scheduling a July opening and are still working through the lock-down with 20+ contractors causing substantial levels of noise over extended periods to building residents despite many complaints to the contractors and the council. People trying to work from home are often unable to have conference calls with their work or (for shift workers) to sleep, including NHS and essential workers, the noise is so bad. The developer must have spent a lot of money presumably constructing according to this new plan – it seems very poor organisation on their part to spend huge amounts of cash but to only apply for planning permission this late in the day. If they don’t get it, they’ll have to rip it out and start again for a third time!

  • Who would live like that? Besides the obvious health and safety rules, there is claustrophobia and fresh air? Obviously this has to be run by non British owners? It would be worse than living in prison?

    • ‘Obviously this has to be run by non British owners?’

      Really, you have proof of this? Don’t you think that ANY developer that thought it could get away with this would do the same? The real outrage will be if Greenwich council approves the application.

  • Totally agree D.D.W The rooms must include windows as well as the health and safety rules not being applied on this development. Natural light is also needed and is important for both peoples general and mental health.

    Whoever, approved these plans for windowless rooms needs to be reprimanded as this design is totally unacceptable. Haven’t people learnt anything after recent tragic events

    Opening windows must to be fitted to all rooms to allow natural light and Ventilation.

  • Some of those who have commented above seem to be under the impression that this is residential accommodation. It’s not. It’s a hotel. I have been discussing this with my partner (who’s Korean). He says there are some hotels in Korea with windowless guest rooms and that they are popular. He also points out that cruise ships have internal guest rooms with no windows, and that there are underground facilities such as nightclubs where people are happy to spend lengthy periods of time.

    I am still not keen on the idea and wouldn’t want to stay in such a room. But they will surely be marketed as lacking windows, so potential guests can decide. I doubt that it’s unlawful provided that rooms are ventilated. Someone commented about means of escape in case of fire. Obviously that will be via the door. Most hotels with windows don’t have emergency exits via windows.

  • I recently (pre Covid) stayed in Stockholm at a hotel called Urban Deli With Hotel. All the hotel rooms are underground, so have no windows. It was great, very comfortable, excellent service, bar and restaurant and quite reasonable.

    Take a look. A hotel doesn’t have to be horrible, break health and safety, environmental rules etc, just because it’s rooms don’t have windows.

  • Good quality double or triple double glazing and also the blackout blinds as suggested by anonymous201481 will be ideal and do the trick.and give guest a good night sleep.

  • Double or triple glazing unitsi meant

  • Personally I think windows should be installed in the rooms. Then if there is not a great demand for the hotel rooms. Then the rooms could be either converted to bedsits or student accomodation with on site cafe/restaurant in the future.

  • I think the 123 hotel rooms should be constructed with opening windows. Then if there is not enough take up of the hotel rooms to make the hotel viable. Then the rooms could be quickly converted in to bedsits or student accomodation.for local colleges.


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