Building work progresses at demolished Greenwich pub

Work to build to new flats at the former site of Greenwich’s Lord Hood pub are moving forward with the buildings frame complete.

Before demolition

The early 20th century pub building beside Up the Creek comedy club was demolished last year.

Late 2018

In its place will be a non-descript new build with a commercial unit at street level:

Coming soon

The entire stretch along Creek Road has seen numerous changes over the past decade:

New builds along road with new tower at far end

The building should complete next year. We wait to see what’ll occupy the ground floor space.


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J Smith

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11 thoughts on “Building work progresses at demolished Greenwich pub

  • So…the developers promised that they would present the façade. They demolished the façade.
    Where and what are the penalties?

  • Absolutely. Developers should should be subject to enforcement and penalties. The lack of such is likely due to years of the defunding suffered by local government. Pursuing court cases is costly; have dealt with and met a brick wall on some smaller issues for the same reason. In cases like this though, it’s vital all the same.

  • Worse decision some things need to be preserved Greenwich has lost the heritage of some great buildings

  • Greenwich council willingly licences the vandalism perpetrated by developers.

    The electorate gives the council a mandate in election after election and it feels there is no need to answer to anyone.

  • Same approach as Number 10 Downing Street then. ^^

  • Your right Maggie Edwards, But thankfully we put up enough of a fight to stop Greenwich Council from changing the name of the Royal Naval College to another name.

    The Royal Naval College as been a part of Greenwich Heritage since the 18th Century.

  • = ‘The Greenwich Foundation’ which runs the site proposed the name change, not Greenwich council.

  • Thank you for the update EthicsGradient some of the literature we received on this said Greenwich Council proposed the change which was incorrect in this case.

  • I thought to post that as it was incorrect and I’d joined in the discussion …

    The Council and MP were kept in the dark, then objected to it.

    Best to check things before taking umbrage.

    Same case with this Lord Hood issue: if you google it and check the council planning site; you’ll find they had full planning permission for everything above. The preservation case was unsuccessful as the pub lacked significant enough features.

    I think they should have preserved the pub somehow, yet I also like the aesthetics of Creek Road development and think it would be great if they install a new pub or micro-pub in the building.

    Not everything is binary; neither implies that I’m a fan of developers or agree with every decision the council take.

    Often there’s a disconnect between one’s personal feelings and the truth of matters.


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