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Appeal for missing dog after man attacked near Maze Hill station in Greenwich

Maze Hill station off Tom Smith Close

A man assaulted in Greenwich is appealing to find his missing dog which escaped the unprovoked attack.

Paul Morrissey, 53, was attacked without warning from behind before Christmas at Tom Smith Close in Greenwich which is alongside the entrance to Maze Hill station.

Appeal notice

After the attack the victim recalled little of the assault but realised his dog was missing. The dog is named Tilley with cream and black coloured fur. He is microchipped but has no collar.



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  1. CDT

    I hope the victim is making a full recovery. If you have the dog and are looking after her or know of the dogs wherabouts. Please contact the owner as soon as possible.

    I do not know the victim but feel for him with the loss of his dog being a fellow pet owner.

    This is yet another totally pointless crime on the streets of Greenwich.and for what ???

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