Charlton & Greenwich update: retail parks, housing and schools

There’s been a fair few things happening in Charlton and Greenwich recently and so I thought a short round-up is in order.

valley house newFirstly, housing. A revised planning application has been submitted for a block on Woolwich Road, at the site of Valley House. It’s now seven storeys and includes 73 flats. Greenwich council’s planning board refused the original plans and so its returned and reduced in height. I didn’t mind the original but the new proposal is pretty good in terms of scale. The renders are likely to be worse than the finished result given materials used. Blue tiles at street level and green above.

valley house aerial

It does show that refusals can sometimes lead to better proposals. It can appear that some advocate approving most things as developers always win on appeal. It’s a fair point as the odds are stacked against councils in many cases, but certainly not always. This proves that refusing can pay off, along with refusals such as the proposed White Horse pub demolition down the road which was refused by the council, and then again on appeal.

Sadly the council did approve demolition of the Lord Hood pub in Greenwich recently. Though the circumstances are not the same as the White Horse it’s a real shame this attractive, tall, well proportioned building is to go.

lord hood

Back to Charlton, and the housing proposal is the type of scheme that is the future in that area; housing with commercial below. What’s happening just along Woolwich Road is the past. But a past that is about to open, such are the mistakes recently made. A crap, cheap, nasty extension to the retail barns has been built. Even worse is the restaurant unit. Frankie and Benny’s will move in. The 1990s type PFI ‘style’ has graced SE7.

frankie benny 2

The fat sloping roof. The windows that don’t quite line up. It’s all so cheap. Short term building for short term thinking. Hopefully it has 10 years max. Just along is an answer to a question no one asked. Fancy a view of a petrol station?


Just north is the forthcoming Brocklebank retail park. It’s now underway though not much to see. It should complete by the end of 2016, with four units will now be included. They are Next, Primark, Aldi and Mothercare are under offer.

The site was sold by LXB to a pension fund in December.

Heading west from here towrads the Peninsula, and the walk to new housing has a fair bit of broken street furniture, litter and car dominated. This wont get people out of cars or overcrowded buses for the 5-10 minute hop to the shops. Not sure who is at fault for much of it – some appears to be private land. Then we see the newer blocks of Greenwich Millenium Village heading south:


Just along from that site, Greenwich Council last week approved the new St Mary Magdalene school. 1800 students and 200 staff. There’s a temporary school on site which will progressively grow.

And that just about wraps it up. Lots more going on over the rest of Peninsula of course. One striking addition is an energy centre now under construction.


More details can be found on this very good site covering the Peninsula.

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

0 thoughts on “Charlton & Greenwich update: retail parks, housing and schools

  • Who had this bright idea of building a school next to the most polluted road of London..

    • The same “visionaries” that think adding more retail barns, another major tunnel and a cruise terminal without onshore power to the area are all good ideas

  • Not that I really care, but how does a school of 1600 pupils have a staff of 400!? Even if half of them are teachers it makes a pupil to teacher ratio of 8 – which is great! I agree, it is the most stupid place to build a school. Think of all those parents dropping off their kids every morning.

    • You’re right that number is out. Just checked some old documents and it’s 1800 students and 200 staff. Indeed, it will bring a hell of a lot of cars dropping children off along with pressure on buses.

  • What is happening to the Greenwich town social club. Once again it was closed down in January but no sign of.any works being started on the club or site?


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