Shooters Hill closed due to serious accident – widespread traffic problems

Shooters Hill closed due to serious accident – widespread traffic problems

Shooters Hill has been closed due to a serious accident in the past hour.

Multiple bus routes serving Queen Elizabeth Hospital are on diversion due to the Shooters Hill accident. There are reports that some drivers have abused police:

Other issues in East London are also contributing to severe queues on the A2 with subsequent knock-on effects. The A2 is seeing the normal queue from Falconwood back to Greenwich heading even further back almost to the mouth of the tunnel – with the other direction also at a standstill with heavy traffic at Sun in the Sands roundabout.

Traffic at North Greenwich

UPDATE: The lower road in Charlton and Woolwich is now backing up.


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4 thoughts on “Shooters Hill closed due to serious accident – widespread traffic problems

  1. The junction outside the old police station don’t have visible traffic lights for vehicles on Shooters Hill/Shooters Hill Road turning right.

    Has caused many accidents over the years. They were fitted when the lights were replaced and then removed.

  2. All major junctions should have there traffic lights set to go in sequences so all the vehicles move in turn. It stops vehicles crossing a cross each other. It might take a few minutes for all the vehicles to move in turn. but what is a few minutes if it safes lives and cuts down on serious accidents.

    The problem is there has been a major increase in bad driving of late i seen many cars jump red lights and driving at speed with no intention of slowing down as the approach junctions zebra and pelican crossings etc. I have to admit I often wonder if these drivers are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both

    As the clearly have no respect for other road users including cyclist and pedestrians. Perhaps more CCTV cameras at traffic lights may help. I do not know what the answer is.

    I just plead for drivers to drive carefully and think of others and their own and their passengers safety. .

    To toot and swear at a Police Officer doing is job at a scene of a major accident just goes to show that many have no respect for other people.

  3. Would like to know where & when this happened… Likely at that junction, but the article doesn’t say. ‘Within the last hour’, but what time was the article put on? Also, one of the rare occasions this website has not gone to the scene to take a photo.

    1. Hi, sorry it was quickly put up to warn people about the bus disruption to the hospital in particular.

      It was in the vicinity of the junction and the post put up at 5pm. Rush hour was very bad that night in multiple areas.

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