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Woolwich fire was in converted church

Courtesy London Fire Brigade

The Fire Brigade have revealed that last night’s fire in Woolwich was in a converted church. Six fire engines and 40 firefighters were sent to the scene.

If Greenwich’s planning portal is to be believed, plans for a church in the building were refused in 2014 but approved on appeal in 2015.

Courtesy @chteffie

Fire crews from Plumstead, East Greenwich, Eltham and Erith fire stations attended the blaze. Woolwich fire station closed in 2014.

They were called at 10:30pm and the fire was only declared under control almost two hours later.



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  1. Ben

    Cheaper to burn it down and build it without any pesky regs to follow…right?

  2. Lorelie Wilson

    Four candles ? No I mean fork handles!

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