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Easter site appeal

Back in December I ran a little Christmas appeal for donations to help with running the site and it went well. Here’s hoping this is half as successful!

There’s a number of ways readers can help. One is to become a regular Patron. I’m at 97 now so getting to 100 would be amazing.

I also have a Ko-Fi page where people can donate but have recently set up a Paypal direct payment page which is very easy to use.

It’s all a big help with running the site as renting privately in London with a young family is not easy.

Thanks everyone for your support and have a good Easter. I’ll be around and have a few stories already lined up.


  1. anonymous201486

    I’ve sent some money via paypal. Appreciate the time and effort you take to shine a light into the murky depths.

  2. Comment by post author


    Many thanks I really do appreciate it

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