Climate Rebellion launch protest against Silvertown Tunnel

Climate campaigners have today launched a protest in east London with a call to halt Silvertown Tunnel.

Climate protesters have stated for some time that protests against the tunnel could occur. A number of protesters blocked a concrete production facility in Bow.

Projected changes to traffic congestion according to Silvertown traffic study. Greenwich borough sees largest increase in delays

This could well be the first in a series of protests against the contentious tunnel proposal alongside related developments such as a tier-storey lorry distribution centre recently submitted for planning in Silvertown.

Three tier lorry park

The Silvertown Tunnel was originally proposed by Boris Johnson as Mayor after cancelling a bridge in Thamesmead and agreeing to TfL transport budget cuts with George Osborne.

Boris Johnson’s successor Sadiq Khan has pushed ahead with the scheme as well as approving London City Airport expansion. Other crossings are either at very early stages or scrapped.


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One thought on “Climate Rebellion launch protest against Silvertown Tunnel

  • July 17, 2019 at 9:57 am

    They would be better protesting the disruption number of runs/races in London throughout the year. Yesterday’s race through the city saw buses diverted from the London Bridge – Old Street stretch via Shoreditch during the evening rush hour. Not a weekend, but a weekday evening. Rush hour traffic along that stretch has worsened since TFL decided to redecorate Old Street roundabout but all this race did was turn Liverpool Street into a mile-long impound lot for buses. I’m unwell so I have little choice but to go where the bus does, but even on the bus it proved difficult to breathe, the buses and coaches doubled up on a hot evening to choke some more life out of the city


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