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Hot day update: Will the Croydon cat killer be found in underwater lair in dried up lake?

You may not know but the sun’s out and its warm. Later it will be hot.

That is of course stunning news. It’s hot people. Only one thing for it. Bring out the LIVE UPDATES.

11:14am UPDATE: Exclusive news today. It’s hot. 30.1c. Time for pictures of the sky.

A blue sky

11:16am UPDATE: BREAKING. It’s 30.3c. Maybe time now for pics of an attractive young lady in a park.

11:18 UPDATE: Time for twitter pics to cut and paste. Maybe a cute animal or people in cars? Watch this space.

Come back for 12 more hours of this gripping news as Britain basks in a hot day.

12:50 UPDATE: Croydon cat killer more likely to strike in sun?

12:51 UPDATE: Beckenham Lake.

13:37: Still hot.

13:38: NIMBIES moan about something. Heat makes them even more angry.

“We don’t need houses, and we certainly don’t need houses when the sun’s out” one told me.

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  1. Martin Dunne

    Don’t forget the the shocking news that Icr cream and cold drinks are soaring! Also let’s pick a random country or city that the UK is now hotter than. For a day.

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