Children’s playground upgraded in Greenwich Park

Greenwich park’s children’s playground has reopened following an extensive refurbishment funded by The London Marathon Trust.

The Trust donated £315,000 for improvement work.

Works include a new swing, roundabout plus sand and water play areas. There’s a heavy emphasis on natural materials including extensive use of timber.

Maybe take it easy if going today mind given temperatures could top the all-time UK record and reach 38c (102f in old money and, well, over 100 always sounds more dramatic doesn’t it).

I’m surprised Greenwich Council havn’t tried to claim the credit to be honest. Give it time. They’re going to some extreme lengths to try to divert attention from spending so little on parks compared to most other London authorities – particularly from the tens of millions in funding they receive from new developments each year. And what they are spending is often because it’s now a legal requirement to spend a set percentage locally.

They do of course only stick to the legal minimum. Can’t be going over it now can we like many other London authorities do. Anyway, get down Greenwich park. It’s lovely and the best in London.





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