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First music event at Magazine Greenwich announced

Operators of a new venue in Greenwich have announced that the first music event will be held on 12th October.

Solid Grooves boss Michael Bibi bring the Isolate concept to 3,000 fans. A “lifestyle bloggers and influences” event for 5,000 people was listed for September though information on that is very thin on the ground.

Housing completing at Upper Riverside – the last for some time.

There were murmurs of a late summer music festival but it appears that will no longer occur – though Christmas events are on the cards. The maximum capacity of the site is 10,000 – around half the maximum capacity of o2’s main arena.

This venue is a venture from Peninsula developer Knight Dragon with a planned shelf life of 10 years – with events planned from operators of popular club Printworks.

Revised masterplan

The site was originally due to see new housing though that’s now pushed back as an updated Peninsula masterplan sees further revisions, including scrapping Santiago Calatrava’s planned transport interchange and nearly 2,000 additional homes across the wider site.


  1. G Smalls

    Printworks is a famous club for drug-users! They litter the streets around Canada Water- off their faces on ecstacy. The music they play is very loud horrible techno and house music – what a shame!

  2. CDT

    I am hoping the new Magazine Music Venue will be a great success for both local residents of Greenwich Borough and visitors to the area,

    With properly trained security staff doing their jobs correctly and efficiently and spotting any potential trouble early then there is no reason why trouble should break out.

    However, that said I think all major venues sand events should now be fitted with scanners to detect any possible weapons including knives etc. Just so we can keep people safe to enjoy themselves.

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