A look around Woolwich – August edition

With development continuing  apace across Woolwich here’s a few snaps of how things are looking. Feast your eyes on this:

Berkeley’s towers proceed by the Thames. The third has shot up, and will eventually be the tallest of the three. Here’s how it will appear when complete:

Note that blocks on right have now changed design

Here’s a look towards the rising Callis Yard tower from the other side of the car park:

How it should appear upon completion

Pavilion Square is another part of the Arsenal redevelopment, seen here behind the recently opened Premier Inn hotel.

It can be seen here with the Catholic Club, where plans to demolish and build a block of flats were recently approved.

There’s a great deal of fantastic architecture across Woolwich. Some in poor state. Antic have plans for a pub here but its been very slow going, and the building deteriorates:

More weeds are seen growing out of this lovely tiled frontage near the Waterfront:

The former co-op has been well restored and is now flats with commercial space on the ground floor. I can’t see many tenants will to take it on until the rest of this end of Woolwich is improved.

There’s this underused patch of land near the ferry:

Whether owned by Greenwich Council, or TfL, it appears to be a possible site for housing. Now the ferry is to stay for a decade or two at least, combining it with a larger plot behind isn’t feasible.

If it is Greenwich Council owned, their Meridian Homes venture could use sites like this instead of the council buying homes off the market at three times the cost.

They could combine it with Waterfront and sell to a developer but that’s putting all eggs in one basket, and when one sizable site is owned by just one developer progress is often slower than when broken down into smaller plots with different developers.

There’s plenty more development not touched on in this overview; Connaught estate rebuild and the site next to Woolwich Town Hall. They will be covered soon.

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

3 thoughts on “A look around Woolwich – August edition

  • Is not Greenwich Council’s coffers bulging and if that scrub of land is its, then building social housing units would be the decent thing to do. However, it seems to me that metropolitan councils are keen to reduce social housing and export housing of the poor elsewhere. That beautiful 30’s building should be restored and turned into prestige accommodation, a bit of an oxymoron as we are talking about Woolwich here, but just to let it rot is criminal.

  • Hi Murky,

    Just a suggestion for your look around Woolwic – september edition, you may want to pop over to the crossrail station to building 11, which has now been uncovered from its scaffolding


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