Latest on Bexley housing plans across borough in council report

Earlier this week I covered Bexley’ Council’s plan (or lack of) to build new homes directly beside Abbey Wood station on council-owned land.

That news was contained within a report before a Cabinet Committee last week but that wasn’t the only details within, as it offered an update at housing plans via their own company BexleyCo across the borough.

Courtesy Google. Proposed site of housing

It contained details of a number of sites covered on this site in the recent past including at the former Bexley Maternity Hospital near Barnehurst station as well as the former Sidcup library, to name but two.


Most sites the council plan to develop have zero affordable housing even at the highest legal limit of what now constitutes “affordable” – even though a shortage of such homes is costing both local councils and national governments vast and increasing sums.

Homes beside Erith station approved

The update also notes that “design work has also been undertaken on the Erith Post Office and Manor House Sidcup sites as well as construction work progressing on programme and within budget at West Street”.

Last year they stated a planning application for the library would be submitted by the end of 2023. Six months later and none has yet been made.

West Street in Erith is probably one of the most stark examples of BexleyCo’s issues. The council are building on one of the few green spots in a densely populated area and it too includes zero “affordable” homes.

The report notes: “The construction of 30 new one and two bedroom apartments is progressing well and continues to be scheduled for completion by the end of April 2025.”

Hoes approved beside Erith station

Another Erith site is directly beside the station and Bexley College. A total of 65 homes (down from an initial 70) have been approved.

The council state that “work is now underway to present the Business Case to the Council to enable the development phase to commence.”


The recent opening a new library and cinema has seen work proceed for housing on the former library. The report notes:

“The procurement and appointment of a main contractor has successfully been completed and approved by the Council. The accelerated programme is on track with work on site starting in May with the demolition of the old library building.”

A total of 32 homes are approved.

Various development sites and expected profit

While Abbey Wood is set to remain without housing starting for years, other sites are also delayed. Homes at Burr Farm are running late and a summer target for application submission is “no longer going to be achievable and therefore this forecast assumes a delay of at least 3 months against the
Business Plan milestones. This could be longer particularly if the planning process takes longer than anticipated.”

Belvedere Family Centres sees similar with a total for 90 flats and commercial space running late:

“The Business Plan assumed that design development work would have commenced, and a planning application submitted by the end of 2024. This is no longer achievable and therefore the forecast assumes a delay of 3 months against the Business Plan milestones.”

Crayford Manor House is also running six months late.

Since a previous update expected profits across sites is down £0.448m compared to forecasts in the company Business Plan.




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