Election results in south-east London

Election results in south-east London

Thursdays elections results are now in and the main tow parties have taken a battering nationally, but how have they fared in south east London?

In Greenwich borough the results look like this:

  • Labour 25% (-16)
  • Lib Dem 24% (+20)
  • Brexit 20% (+20)
  • Green 13% (+4)
  • Change UK 6% (+6)
  • Conservatives 6% (-10)
  • UKIP 3% (-18)

It’s seemingly one of the few places Labour came in first across the UK. ChangeUK also appeared to have done better than many areas though only polled 6 per cent.

In Lewisham Labour lost top spot to the Lib Dems:

  • LDem 28.1% (+22.1)
  • Labour: 26.0% (-19.9)
  • Green: 20.1% (+5.7)
  • Brexit: 11.9% (+11.9)
  • Conservatives: 3.4% (-8.1)
  • UKIP: 1.4% (-10.9)

Has a ruling party nationally (just about) ever had a lower vote share than 3.4% in an election?

Over in Bexley the Brexit Party dominated. No percentages yet as its half 12 and I’m exhausted:

  • BRX: 26,369
  • LIB: 9,198
  • LAB: 8,489
  • CON: 7,076
  • GRN: 5,025
  • UKIP: 3,002
  • CHUK: 2,352
  • AWP: 1,003
  • WEP: 653
  • UK EU: 397






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2 thoughts on “Election results in south-east London

    1. Somber? Only if you’re a Bexley resident, like me, as we now have confirmation that a huge swathe of our fellow borough residents are empty-headed morons willing to vote for a charlatan with no policies and no manifesto.

      Greenwich and Lewisham seem to have roundly rejected said frog-faced twat and his latest vanity project, which is vastly more gratifying to hear.

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