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Election results in south-east London

I know it's not the Town Hall nor Waterfront (where the count was) but it's late and this is shiny

Thursdays elections results are now in and the main tow parties have taken a battering nationally, but how have they fared in south east London?

In Greenwich borough the results look like this:

  • Labour 25% (-16)
  • Lib Dem 24% (+20)
  • Brexit 20% (+20)
  • Green 13% (+4)
  • Change UK 6% (+6)
  • Conservatives 6% (-10)
  • UKIP 3% (-18)

It’s seemingly one of the few places Labour came in first across the UK. ChangeUK also appeared to have done better than many areas though only polled 6 per cent.

In Lewisham Labour lost top spot to the Lib Dems:

  • LDem 28.1% (+22.1)
  • Labour: 26.0% (-19.9)
  • Green: 20.1% (+5.7)
  • Brexit: 11.9% (+11.9)
  • Conservatives: 3.4% (-8.1)
  • UKIP: 1.4% (-10.9)

Has a ruling party nationally (just about) ever had a lower vote share than 3.4% in an election?

Over in Bexley the Brexit Party dominated. No percentages yet as its half 12 and I’m exhausted:

  • BRX: 26,369
  • LIB: 9,198
  • LAB: 8,489
  • CON: 7,076
  • GRN: 5,025
  • UKIP: 3,002
  • CHUK: 2,352
  • AWP: 1,003
  • WEP: 653
  • UK EU: 397






  1. Charles Calthrop

    Sombre reading but not unexpected. I’m sure nothing will be learned from this

    • Chris Nash

      Somber? Only if you’re a Bexley resident, like me, as we now have confirmation that a huge swathe of our fellow borough residents are empty-headed morons willing to vote for a charlatan with no policies and no manifesto.

      Greenwich and Lewisham seem to have roundly rejected said frog-faced twat and his latest vanity project, which is vastly more gratifying to hear.

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