Catford Constitutional Club revamp and pub expansion sees £1.364m cost increase

Work to renovate the Catford Constitutional Club into an expanded pub, community kitchen, performance, music and arts space have seen costs increase.

A report before Lewisham’s Mayor and Cabinet next week states that an extra £1.364 million is needed after “the Georgian section of the building which was found to be in a greater state of disrepair than first thought.

“Further complexities in the Victorian section of the building have been uncovered which has also been found to be in a considerably worse condition than previously thought”.

CCC interior as seen in 2021 planning application

In order to make up the shortfall the council proposed allocating of £1,364,002.46 of Community Infrastructure Levy funding.

That follows £1.65 million given from the GLA for work on the buildings via the Good Growth Fund as well as council funds.

Back in 2022 the total cost was put at up to £2,100,709.10 plus VAT when a contract was awarded to Claremont.

Since then problems include “the floor beneath the bar area was discovered to be inadequate and not supported on appropriate foundations. A requirement for a new floor slab in this area necessitated temporary removal of the bar joinery. This subsequently was revealed to be in very poor condition and therefore could not be reinstated.”


The CCC saw closure back in 2019 after structural concerns arose with a move to a nearby site.

It’s a locally-listed site owned by wholly owned council company Catford Regeneration Partnership Limited.

Road network will see major changes in years to come

Planning permission to renovate both elements of the site was given in November 2021.

Renovating the site is supposed to be a “quick win” in advance of major changes across Catford including diverting the south circular and potential 2,700 homes.

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