Two skyscrapers approved on Isle of Dogs: Third deferred

Tower Hamlets last night gave the green light to two tower along Marsh Wall on the Isle of Dogs while a decision on a third was put back after a mammoth meeting.

Cuba Street

This 52 floor tower contains 421 homes and was approved by a 6 to 2 margin. It’s located at the western end of Marsh Wall.

Revised plan

The proposal aroused controversy earlier this year after initial plans contained just one staircase. That’s now revised to two.

Ballymore are behind the project. Tower Hamlets will receive £9.3 million in Community Infrastructure Levy income.

30 Marsh Wall
30 Marsh Wall render

This block previously covered on this site is slighter shorter than Cuba Street at 48 storeys. It will contain 1,068 student rooms.

A commercial unit is located at street level. Here’s the current site showing proximity to other towers:

Looking towards site

A near neighbour means the two buildings are 12 metres. It was permitted even though council guidance is for 18 metres gap.

30 Marsh Wall see Tower Hamlets receive £11.8 million in Community Infrastructure Levy payment.

225 Marsh Wall

This tower is already underway with developer Chalegrove seeking to increase the building’s height from 49 to 56 floors.

After a private meeting councillors and officers agreed to defer until a future date.

Looking towards 225 Marsh Wall site. Tower has begun rising since this image taken

It’s the eastern end of Marsh Wall where fewer tall buildings are located.

Last month Ensign House was approved; again at the western half of Marsh Wall.

Ensign House with spire

That will reach 230 metres and was covered on this site here.


That proposal opens up a car park beneath the DLR viaduct, which is much needed in the area.

Car park below viaduct will be opened up

Marsh Wall has also seen a number of other towers rising along its length in recent years and other sites continue, such as Millharbour near South Quay DLR station.

MIllharbour site viewed from DLR

Berkeley Homes’ South Quay Plaza is also rising quickly. This is also very close to South Quay DLR station.

Taken last summer. Tower now far taller

There’s also 54 Marsh Wall on former site of Nat West.

Nat West under demolition

The Aspen tower beside is already rising.

All have brought substantial sums to Tower Hamlets council. Much is unspent, and Marsh Wall really does need a comprehensive plan for the amount of footfall it will see.

Bus stop takes up much of the narrow path at one point

It’s a cluttered road at present in places:

Looking west

Does Tower Hamlets have what it takes to create a welcoming, safe street?

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