Tower plan submitted at 30 Marsh Wall on Isle of Dogs

Plans have been submitted for a student tower at 30 Marsh Wall on the Isle of Dogs. The tower will include 1039 student rooms if approved.

Tide Construction are behind the plan. They’re also constructing another student tower known as Lewisham Exchange beside Lewisham station.  The Isle of Dogs is a bit out of the usual area of coverage on this site though continual evolution and change in the area are of interest. It also directly impact south east Londoners given additional impact on lines such as the DLR – though changing travel patterns and new trains due from 2023-24 will help.

The Marsh Wall site saw previous plans withdrawn in November 2016 after refusal was recommended by planning officers, with several reasons given including “overdevelopment, impact on neighbouring properties, housing quality and urban design”.


Developers were still hoping for 60 floors at this site though it’s now reduced to 47 after discussions with Tower Hamlets council. In terms of design, this proposal brings to mind Bexleyheath shopping centre pre-redesign. That 1980s bronze look is back – and why not? There’s enough glass around here. In isolation these materials may not work, but among other towers it offers some contrast.

And the crown isn’t flat like so, so many other towers which offer a dull boxy appearance.

Public realm

Marsh Wall is a mess of a street. For a road that has seen a number of towers along its length the state of it does not give Tower Hamlets any credit. They’ve seen many millions from developers and done little to improve the space.

Marsh Wall paving space remains narrow

This tower does little to open up additional space at street level.

Tower Hamlets are not good at public realm. Street clutter abounds in the borough including Marsh Wall. They often use better quality materials than Greenwich Council in many areas with many streets not as ugly – but they are impractical for pedestrians.

Courtesy Google. Street furniture abounds on paving space signifying vehicle dominance

There are however improvements along a side street:

Cuba Street

So-called affordable levels at set at 35 per cent of student rooms. This site faces a tough battle to be approved given previous feedback and withdrawn applications. Which way will it go?

Click here to view the application.

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