Protesters climb onto DLR at Canary Wharf again

Climate protesters have again climbed on top of a DLR train at Canary Wharf this morning.

British Transport Police were called around 7:15am and are negotiating with protesters.

This incident follows similar last week though they are targeting rush hour this time. Those who took part last week have been denied bail before court next month.



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    3 thoughts on “Protesters climb onto DLR at Canary Wharf again

    • I agree with direct action and the cause and still think this is moronic. Why not do it on a diesel train in London which would highlight all the cuts in electric rail projects by Chris Grayling?

      Or do it at other transport areas causing pollution like roads in urban areas away from tourist areas?

      It looks to me like a bunch of posh people from the Home Counties who only know or care know about wealthy areas so they do it there. Or so blinkered they think it only affects the financiers at Canary Wharf.

      • Exactly. Road users have a bigger CO2 footprint than any railway type, and the DLR has the third-lowest footprint (per passenger / km) out of all of TfL’s monitored services. Only TfL Rail and London Overground are lower, although passenger numbers may account for this. (Source:

        Why don’t the protesters head to the Bank of England junction, where there’s an ongoing pedestrianisation campaign? Or to Oxford Street?

    • Cannot understand why the protesters are obstructing DLR trains. They need to go to areas where pollution is very high and has a lot of heavy traffic congestion. The A102 down to Blackwall Tunnel and the South Circular including Westhorne Avenue spring to mind both of which suffer from very high pollution and traffic congestion pumping out fumes when traffic is at a stand still.


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