Punchdrunk announce show at Woolwich Works – and it isn’t cheap

Theatre company Punchdrunk have announced a new show named Burnt City will take place at Woolwich Works from March 2022.

But it won’t come cheap, with standard tickets costing £67.50 and up upon checking the site today.

The total for two people a month after opening in late April 2022 is £179.00.

Early rate tickets are from £56.50 (not available at that price on dates I chose, though I found some at £78.50 a month after opening) and Premium is £86.50 which includes “priority entry which enables you to jump the queue on arrival and receive a complimentary coat check.”

Punchdrunk have been offered a peppercorn rent by Greenwich Council to set up on site.

Wider funding

Greenwich Council are entirely funding the Creative Quarter which will provide a number of spaces for various shows including stand-up, poetry and live music.

The plans do look excellent, though costs are a worry. Will this price level entice enough people to Woolwich from across London?

Unless there’s a substantial number of discounted tickets it’s also out of reach for many local people.

Woolwich Works

The Arsenal site previously housed the museum Firepower which struggled to attract custom.

True, the offering was quite different and Crossrail will eventually open in spring 2022 – hopefully.

Budget problems?

Initial cost estimates for the Creative District were £32 million though the council refused to deny reports of cost increases in recent months, possibly in the tens of millions.

Labour councillors asking for the latest cost estimate were rebuffed in a council scrutiny meeting.

Conservative opposition councillors then raised the issue a week later in a council meeting, and Greenwich council leader Danny Thorpe immediately tried to make it a party political issue despite his own party colleagues trying to gain answers a week before.

He claimed it was “fake news”.

The council will now only reveal costs after it opens on 22nd September.

Both Labour and Conservative councillors had sought latest cost estimates, though the council claimed it could only provide details after completion.

The borough’s Heritage Centre was forced to move due to the project, and no plan to return has yet been confirmed.

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9 thoughts on “Punchdrunk announce show at Woolwich Works – and it isn’t cheap

  • They are a world famous theater company. Good luck to them. I just hope they get enough custom to see them through to went the Lizzy Line opens. There are so many empty commercial properties in the Arsenal, it would be great to see them occupied, but I guess that won’t happen until the station has a confirmed opening date.

    • Indeed and I expect it’s a very lavish production. We don’t want another Firepower though and it being too obscure/expensive. It has to work – too much money invested in it.

  • It’s not all pricey. I bought tickets for the excellent Hot Club of Jupiter (best seats in the house) on 24 Sep for £10.50 per ticket.

  • Hate to use superlatives, but imo those prices are a scandal. West end Theatre is cheaper and with more lavisj productions in heritage properties. Are RBG trying to recuperate their overspend in the first year or what?

  • Tickets at the Wyndhams for Leopoldstadt for example less than £60, cheapest £18 in the gods, for a Tom Stoppard award winning lavish production. (Brilliant Stoppard interview late last night on BBC Imagine by the way)


    People may go once for the novelty of a new venue or for the cheaper range tickets, and the aficionado and city finance workers pay the top end, but they won’t be enough to pay the bills. They’re going to need to attract some publicly well known and award winning playwrights and musical directors to compete. Those prices won’t attract the occasional blue rinse theatre goer who has doubtless never heard of Punchdrunk (but I wish you well nevertheless and will be buying a ticket to support our local venues.)

  • If they’re too expensive they won’t sell and then they’ll be lowered. Punchdrunk immersive theatre productions are always expensive and in demand. I’m sure many WW shows will have more wallet friendly prices.

  • It all seems very niche to me across the whole line up including non-Punchdrunk stuff. I actually enjoy that as someone who goes to places like Cafe Oto but that’s central London/inner east (and cheaper on many nights than WW appears to be eg £8 v £12 for live music) so will people travel out to Woolwich?

    It may need some more household names to cross subsidise. There’s some but not many. I really hope the who place works.

  • I have always loved Punchdrunk and have supported them for years going to everyone of their productions the last one I went to was at Paddington. Genius! However I am SHOCKED SHOCKED at the prices of their tickets. I just can’t afford it, further to the point in past I have asked friends to accompany me. Now I know I can’t do that as everyone has said no way will they pay those prices. Even in the West End I have managed to get really good deals. Went to the Donmar last week and only paid £10 and the Ballet at ENO £12. I do not expect Punchdrunk to be that cheap and what would be more reasonable is upto £40. Come on Punchdrunk don’t be exclusive!!!


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