Police launch appeal after Woolwich disorder with arrests rising to eight

Police launch appeal after Woolwich disorder with arrests rising to eight

The number of people arrested after an incident in Woolwich involving dozens of people and police on Wednesday night has increased to eight.

Police state four officers were lightly injured as objects were thrown with video footage showing people attempting to block a police van moving down the street.

A large number of police vehicles and officers headed to the area after initial arrests saw a crowd become hostile. Officers donned riot gear and dog units were deployed to the area near Woolwich Dockyard on Kingsman Street along with the police helicopter.

Social media reports people stating an increase in antisocial behaviour around shops in recent months.

Courtesy Bernadette Worthington

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 and quote reference Cad 6342/28Aug.



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3 thoughts on “Police launch appeal after Woolwich disorder with arrests rising to eight

  1. Expect a further uptick once retailers announce the inevitable price increases in the wake of any Brexit decision. Lack of money for vice makes people edgy, particularly those who budget luxuries first. Our society has been so affluent and so complacent for so long we’ve forgotten how to go without, or to save for things. Money purchases less every day and there are multiple generations who will be unable to accept that reality. This is a prosperous country but fewer people have the means to enjoy it. For many, the frustration of ‘on demand’ (music, food, cabs etc) no longer being viable will result in lashing out against those who have. There is no easy solution here, not at ground level

  2. There are no excuses for anti social behaviour in anyway shape or form. It is not the shop owners or shop staff fault that some people cannot afford certain items or chose to gather outside their premises.

    Councils need to get tougher on anti social behaviour on the streets Including enforcing the no drinking of alcohol on designated streets and in public areas including Woolwich, Eltham and Greenwich Town Centres,

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. There’s a decline in living standards causing a lot of unrest in parts of the country and unfortunately, politicians have used it to propel themselves forward rather than seeking to address it. Its up to the individual at the end of the day to commit or conform and if you break the law you should receive a just punishment. I see that as things are, it’s going to be rougher and we’ll be the ones left holding the bag.

      Greenwich Council won’t act until big names get involved (imagine how fast they’d react if Viking Lines told em they won’t let any more cruise ships stop in Greenwich until the crime rate is down – they’d seal off Charlton/Eltham/Plumstead overnight

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