New bus route 335 between Kidbrooke and North Greenwich begins in October

A new bus numbered 335 running between Kidbrooke and North Greenwich will begin operating on 26th October 2019.

An end to end journey will take 30 minutes according to TfL. Not very quick in comparison to using rail to reach the City or train and DLR via Lewisham to Canary Wharf.

On the flipside it will allow more pupils to reach the new St Mary Magdalene school at the Peninsula, which is ramping up to over 1,600 pupils in coming years.

Buses will terminate near the o2

And of course better links to the o2, new venue Magazine and Ikea. The route does not go via Bugsby’s Way shops so enjoy the walk there.

Public realm at Bugsbys Way

Two options were on the table. According to TfL,

“we received 1,165 responses to the consultation of which:

  • 65% supported or strongly supported Option 1 via Blackheath Royal Standard, while 16% opposed or strongly opposed it
  • 50% supported or strongly supported Option 2 via the A2 and A102, while 20% opposed or strongly opposed it
Option 1 has been chosen

Following our analysis and consideration of all the consultation responses, we have decided to proceed with the introduction of Option 1 of route 335.”

The route will see double-deckers operating every 12 minutes during the day.

New centre in Kidbrooke

Kidbrooke Village has recently seen towers open near the station, which is being rebuilt. Berkeley Homes recently submitted plans for an increase in home beyond levels seen in a previous masterplan.

TfL scheme in background – Berkeley Homes in foreground

TfL themselves are looking to build homes as part of a joint venture though Greenwich Councils planning board recently blocked the application.


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4 thoughts on “New bus route 335 between Kidbrooke and North Greenwich begins in October

  • it is good news that new bus route 335 Kidbrooke Village to North Greenwich Station is going to be introduced from October and will operate via Blackheath Royal Standard .

    TFL are missing a great opportunity by not operating route 335 via Charlton and Charlton Retail Parks. Including an increase in fare revenue as more passenger would use route 335.

    A lot of residents from the Kidbrooke and Blackheath Standard areas have asked for a direct bus route to the Charlton Retail Parks for both work and shopping.

    • I suspect its also to help relieve the crush load at peak times to and from North Greenwich. Any poor soul along the Westcombe Hill stretch will tell you of the depression at seeing another crammed 108 speeding past and with the insanity of the Silvertown works looming, it may help take some of the sting out.

      What am I saying, it’s TFL and Greenwich. No good ever comes out of that morass..

  • Route 335 would take some pressure off of route 422 if route 335 alo served charlton as passengers from route 422 would switch on to the 335.

    Allowing route 422 to have more capacity between Blackheath Royal Standard and North Grrenwich Station.via East Greenwich. I fear by not serving the Charlton Retail Parks route 335 would run virtually empty outside of the peak hours most of the time.

    Route 335 may get busier when big events are taking place at the 02 Arena and the new Magazine Venue opening soon.

  • Confirmation has now been put on the website that route 335 will commence operation on Saturday 26th October. New route to be operated by Arriva London Dartford Garage effectivley on route 48 contract as route 48 was sadly withdrawn from service on the 12th October, .


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