Woman suffers knife wound in Woolwich

A man has been arrested after a 27 year old woman was found with knife wounds to her hand in Woolwich this morning.

Some wild rumours have spread online, along with sensationalist reporting.

The police have clarified there is no terrorism connection.

Road closures are now lifted on Plumstead Road at the junction with Burrage Road.




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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

11 thoughts on “Woman suffers knife wound in Woolwich

  • I hope the women goes on to make a full recovery from her injuries. When will these pointless mindless attacks stop ???

    So much more must be done to tackle knife crime including extra funding and recruitment of Police Officers.

  • In many cases they’re not “pointless mindless attacks” though, are they. They’re deliberate and calculated: the result of rival ‘businesses’ competing over market share in the illicit pharmaceuticals sector.

  • Graham, when will your pointless, mindless comments stop?

  • So much more must be done to tackle these tedious, repetitive platitudes. ‘Detection arches,’ increased use of stop and search, with any copies of The Telegraph found on person confiscated and destroyed, education, community outreach …

  • I know why the attacks take place Ballard and yes they are deliberate and calculated attacks of violence as the result of drug gangs completing for their share of iiicit drugs They are hardly businesses and do not pay tax.

    I am more concerned about our youngsters and getting them away from gang related crime before their and their families lives are ruined forever.

  • Obviously, I was speaking metaphorically with a measure of satire.

    Many corporations don’t pay any tax on their income streams either: for example Amazon.

  • @ Graham Well said we all know what you meant i think “mindless” is a very good discription. Half of them are out of their minds due to drugs and are away with the fairies !!

    You do not have to explain yourself to Ballard or JB. At least you want to try and improve the communiity and Borough we live in to help make it safer for us all.

    I personally know first hand what the affects of drugs and alcohol can do to families and believe it is not nice !!

  • How does the same old comment improve the community and borough we live it and make it safer? The comments are nonsense, pointless platitudes. Every time an article is uploaded, same old nonsense in the comments. Go back, look. Bore off. Do something, tell us how we can help in real terms, or just read it and move on.

  • To be fair, I expect Kay hasn’t experienced this as a ‘long-term’ issue: hence just took it on face-value without context.

  • That’s true Ballard and Amazon are just one of many companies who do not pay tax on the income.


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