Blow to Woolwich nightlife as restaurant closes

Woolwich restaurant Con Gusto have announced they are set to close by the end of June.

The news follows shortly after the Woolwich Equitable pub on General Gordon Square closed.

Best pub in Woolwich recently closed

The Italian restaurant is located beside the Thames close to the Thames Clipper ferry stop and Woolwich Works. It’s a short walk from Woolwich Elizabeth line station.

Let’s hope something happens with the building, as despite £130,000 in funding from the Greater London Authority for Woolwich nightlife – which mostly seems to be spent on events that finish early at 8pm – the actual evening economy in Woolwich is suffering.

Funding was also announced for renovating the Royal Arsenal Gatehouse – but instead of a bar or restaurant Greenwich Council have opted for a gallery and nearby café.


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9 thoughts on “Blow to Woolwich nightlife as restaurant closes

  • I do not see how this is a blow to Woolwich: Con Gusto is sweet, but little more than a “toy restaurant,” with limited space, and a limited menu, which is open on select days during the week, and only evenings, while it closes for a month during the summer. In seven minutes via the Elizabeth Line there is no dearth of restaurants of far better quality than this one in Canary Wharf. West India Quay is also fun, and South Quay Plaza. Additionally, Boulangerie Jade is now open for evening meals.

  • Shame, was a nice restaurant with good quality menu. Though I noticed of late it was rarely open. Woolwich is crying out for some decent restaurants, when I have friends or family over the Youngs pubs are the only choice in town but I wouldn’t say they were great. We end up travelling further afield.

  • Agree that this doesn’t feel like a blow with a pricey limited menu, limited opening and not really advertised well. We do need some better restaurants in Woolwich, Canary wharf is great but sometimes you don’t want to travel.

  • There is nothing in Woolwich to come to visit. Nothing. Just low grade, fast food outlets, pointless ‘grocery’ stores, nail polishing & hair extension shops, fried chicken shops, etc that are basically money laundering fronts. There is nowhere to buy a decent coffee, no decent bakery, nowhere to sit & eat anything even semi-decent, in a well presented enviromemt. You can see people with disposable income boarding the Elizabeth Line. They actually exist in the area The shops are not geared to them though. They are aimed at the underclass ghetto, staffed by exploited illegal migrant labour. This is the business model of shop keeping in Woolwich. Depressing.
    I’ve just moved out of the area and my mood has vastly improved. Woolwich is an environment that drags you down.

  • That’s a huge shame. This was an amazing hidden gem. The food was stunningly good. Believe.e as a foodie I’ve eaten at many great places including ones with stars.

    I feel sorry for them. This was the only decent restaurant in Woolwich. Where to now, Nandos?

  • Ahhhh good old classist gentrifiers. Do you think your overpriced Berkley property now makes you the Lord and overseer for the area? Newsflash, those ghetto and underclass human beings were here before you allowed a shiny suit estate agent to convince you to pay for an overheated shoe box.

  • I totally agree there is NOTHING in Woolwich. It’s dirty. Drinkers everywhere. Shops taking ng up half the pavements. Dirty shop fronts. No real market to talk about. Bring back the Sunday Boot Fair. The Equitable being said the best pub in Woolwich, I don’t think so. Health food And safety Standards should go to every shop. Take a good look around. Stop pumping money in to a endless pit. If you want I will go with you to show you what I see.

  • 100% this. Some of the comments here are nasty and reek of gentrifiers. Not to say that Greenwich council shouldn’t be spending money on improving the area

  • Wow – such positive comments….

    If you actually take a moment to leave the Arsenal and look around, you’ll find Viet Baguette – an excellent restaurant with great food and a lovely atmosphere, or perhaps Kailash Momo restaurant- amazing authentic cuisine.

    I know Woolwich isn’t the most polished town, and the council really need to do a lot more than they’re currently doing, but there’s a fantastic community to be found if you look for it.


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