Plans to convert Plumstead pub into 12-person HMO

An application has been submitted to create a 12-person House of Multiple Occupation (HMO) at the site of a former pub on Plumstead High Street.

Twelve people would share two kitchens according to plans on Greenwich Council’s planning portal.  Some rooms at the former O’Dowds pub are as small as nine square metres under the proposal, including a toilet.

The applicant states there would be no issue with parking. The site is currently used as a 4-person HMO.

In 2018 plans were approved for flats to be built on the rear of the site.

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11 thoughts on “Plans to convert Plumstead pub into 12-person HMO

  • A room in an HMO is better than no room at all for people on the Councils housing waiting list. While waiting for more permanent accomodation to become available However, a room of just 9 metres does seem very small as you will spend most of your time in it.

    I do like the idea that each room will have it’s own toilet that is important. I wonder if bedsits would be a better use of space so residents can have their own little kitchens as well.

  • I understand the need for housing but to cram people into a small room with a toilet to get as many into a building as possible to increase profits is inhumane. We have way too many HMO in Plumstead the way it is. How about affordable housing with room enough to actually live in.

    • I agree. Buy-to-let, HMO properties create unsightly neighbourhoods as it removes a sense of community pride by implanting transient, disinterested, low income tenants with no stake in the area. Unscrupulous, money grabbing, absentee landlords never lift a finger to keep up the clean appearance of their properties. The frontages are unkept and the front gardens littered with tenants rubbish.
      Plumstead High Street is an embarrassing shithole thanks to Greenwich Council Planning Department not enforcing the removal illegal projected signage.
      If you get rid of HMO’s then maybe owner occupiers have a chance on getting on the property ladder in the area.

      • What then happens to the people who are in need of a room at cheap rents….do they move further away? I agree, more enforcement is required to assure that the homes a decent and effectively managed (hence the mandatory licensing scheme for HMOs) but for the meantime they fulfil a vital need, that being affordable living space in London.
        Like all things there is good and bad, some are managed very well and other are horrendous.
        Whilst I agree 9sqm is small, its not far off from the room sizes for new builds which come with a hefty price tag attached.
        More should be done by the council to address litter and rubbish because it is unsightly and not at all desirable.

    • Thats is why Kay Brackenoff I would rather see four or five self contained bedsits/flats rather than 12 HMO rooms as the rooms woukd be small as stated.

      I mentioned having your own toilet is a good thing as I know how dirty a lot of people are and i for one would not like to share one with strangers.

      We do need more affordable houisng in the Borough both from the private and social landlords.

      However, I would like to see the highest priority for people being housed from the Council’s housing waiting list going to people born and bred in the Borough, Ex Armed Forces Personnel, The elderly The disabled and vulnerable people.

  • A pub would be a welcome offering along this stretch of the High Street and once gone it’s hard to see one returning. What a shame if this substandard change of use goes through.

  • I agree I think it would be better to have one bedroomed self contained flats on the upper floors with ground floor used as commercial space or converted in to further flats for rent.

    I agree with Mr Peter L O’Flaherty .a pub would have been good for local residents, however as stated once a pub is closed it is unlikely a new pub will re-open in these current difficult times.

  • HMO’s do serve a purpose if the rooms are of a decent size, are clean and well maintained with regular safety checks carried out by the Local Authority Fire Brigade etc.

    There must be a safe and clear emergency exit in case a evacuation needs to take place. Also the roomds need to be let at affordable rents.

    Sadly there are still too many rougue landlords out there with properties that require major improvements to make them safe secure and habitable.

  • I would hope that Health and Safety inspect this property on a regular basis as 9sqm inc toilet seems rather small. Also, no doubt there will be microwaves, kettles and sink (food and drink) so close to a toilet, doesn’t seem healthy to me?

  • You would hope so DWW but sadly I do not think they are inspected as often as they should be.

    I still think self contained units will be by far the best option for this property.

  • 12 man HMO with one toilet!?
    This is why I hate sharing, especially with more than 4 people!


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