Motorcyclist arrested after death outside Plumstead Mosque

A motorcyclist has been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving after an eight year old boy was killed and others injured outside Plumstead Mosque.

The incident occurred on Sunday 19th February at a crossing along the busy road between Plumstead station and Woolwich.

Two others were injured alongside the motorcyclist. A man in bus 40s remains in a life threatening condition while a 10 year old remains in hospital.

Area is vehicle dominated

The rider, aged 20, is in hospital and has been arrested.

Police are still looking for witnesses and anyone with information can call police on 101 quoting CAD 6036/19Feb.

The road network in the area is hostile to pedestrians with many complaining about both the road and poor parking over the years.

The authority have refused to use incoming funds from new housing for improvements – including last night as new homes nearby were increased from 1,750 to 1,913. they also rejected TfL’s call for greater funds for bus routes.

Around 130 bus drivers had also previously complained to Greenwich Council about illegal parking hampering the safety of pedestrians. Some report on the night of the accident cars were again parked on the bus lane and right up to the crossing point which would hinder visibility for pedestrians.

An investigation is ongoing to find the cause, which will look at any role parking and poor street layouts played in addition to dangerous driving.


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8 thoughts on “Motorcyclist arrested after death outside Plumstead Mosque

  • Tragic accident which probably has multiple causes. One of those causes is the Council who has a policy not to provide parking – they think it encourages car ownership, whereas it just encourages bad parking. The Council also thinks that it should reduce road space for motor vehicles because it will reduce the convenience of driving whereas it only reduces safety and increases congestion.

  • @Tim, we should reduce road space for motor vehicles because too much space is given over already and there are too many vehicles on the road. It makes our roads and neighbourhoods thoroughly unpleasant and leads to poor lifestyles and health outcomes. What we should be doing is making public transport, cycling and walking more convenient so that people have real alternatives to their cars. Giving more road space to motor vehicles only increases traffic and congestion, something that has been proven over decades of transport planning and policy.

  • Have you ever seen this area? It’s a vast 3 lane road which lacks pavement space for pedistrians. The issue with parking is there is no enforcement of existing rules and even after this incident there are illegally parked cars even now with no action taken.

    Greenwich sided against tfl reccomendations for a redesign of the road space to make walking and cycling less dangerous and favoured car priority as part of the redevelopment planning application.

    You really are talking nonsense. Better pedistrian crossings, safer speed limits, nicer public realm and parking enforcement would have helped, not opening up pavements for parking as you suggest.

  • @ Tim Waters & Matt W. I totally agree and support your comments. People have been complaining about this area and stretch of road for more years than I care to remember. All to no avail where Greenwich Council concerned. John Smith has covered the issues with poor parking in the area several times and in great detail. The area has very poor public realm, poor crossings and very poor parking enforcement. Pavements are for pedestrians not vehicles.

  • Don’t worry @ Tim Waters is just trolling. Albeit using a death of child and motorcyclist being arrested for dangerous driving to do so.
    Yes, it seems there are people who will steep so low because they want to sit on their jam roll in a car a bit longer.

  • Pedestrians should have priority over motor vehicles. Unless we move away from the car-centric mentality the problems it creates will continue.

  • What a ridiculous strawman comment.
    Tim had a reasonable observation/point – you can disagree with him, that’s no problem, but instead it is you that is trolling.
    There is a constant long running issue with double parking in that area of Plumstead and the potential dangers. The fact that the motorcyclist was dangerous driving doesn’t take away from the original point.

    The fact is the lack of parking around the mosque of that size will undoubtedly cause bad parking (not excusing it).
    We will see similar problems with the Sikh temple behind the old Wilko’s in Woolwich with the loss of the car park….

  • @Mr H
    Admittedly I don’t know the particulars of this case but this person has been charged with dangerous driving.
    Why are people trying to blame stationary vehicles, regardless of how they’re parked?
    It happened a lot of RTC’s.
    Motorist’s tend to blame everything else except the lack of control over the vehicle they’re driving/riding.
    I know that stretch of road well btw and I also drive a car.


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