New Plumstead homes planned on Lakedale Road near High Street

A consultation has been held for new homes to be built at Plumstead tram yard site off Lakedale Road.

Plans would see 24 homes at the site which was originally the site of horse-drawn trams, before becoming an electric tram depot until the 1920s. It’s been a car garage for many years with other companies on site such as a granite company involved with manufacture and design.


A three-storey block would face on Lakedale Road with houses located within the site. Commercial space is also planned.

Houses within site

A video presentation from the architect and a question and answer session can be seen here.

The site isn’t to be confused with other plans further east along Plumstead High Street to build 17 homes on Speranza Street at the site of a former leisure centre. Click here to view those.



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4 thoughts on “New Plumstead homes planned on Lakedale Road near High Street

  • New homes are always welcome.

    If planning is granted for these new homes and comercial space. Hopefully it will help kickstart the regeneration of Plumstead High Street and Lakedale Road

    With exisiting shop premises and upper floors being refurbished and upgraded with new shop fronts and shutters for the shop premises.

    • And in a years time it will look and smell like a toilet with graffiti, rubbish and needles. Nowhere to park a car! The whole of the area needs to be bulldozed! There is nothing left of the nice shopping area that used to be Plumstead High Street and Lakedale Road!!

    • New homes welcome… But why trying to shoehorn these into what is effectively the back yards of the 4 existing streets… Looking at that overview image already feels claustrophobic. Car free proposal sounds great, only I suspect that’s down to the lack of space rather than a conscious green and eco friendly move by the developer. Lots and lots of space prime for homes nearer Plumstead Station going towards the river. I think this block would be better served as a retail / pop up independent community shops, a bar, cafe for example? Or studios and working from ‘home’ spaces? Even with a bit of refurb, clean up and clever use of space, there’s nothing really wrong with the existing garage etc.

    • Will it be called Shoehorn Street or perhaps Sardine Street?


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