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900+ new homes at Plumstead and Thamesmead – consultation this week


Housing Association Peabody will be running a number of consultation events in coming days where plans for more than 900 homes close to Plumstead station can be seen.

The site is part of Peabody and Greenwich Council’s Housing Zone. In total 1500 homes are planned at various sites. There is this site, an area of land close to the Thames by the historic Royal Arsenal canal which Greenwich council are looking to in-fill and smaller sites such as ‘The Reach’, located by the Princess Alice pub opposite Belmarsh Prison.

The Reach

The Reach

The other Peabody housing zone is located in Bexley borough and comprises the vast south Thamesmead redevelopment.

Back to the 900+ homes near Plumstead station, and I’m interested in seeing how Peabody plan to reduce severance of this development from Plumstead station – which is very close by. It has previously been revealed that work into removing the gyratory which circles the bus garage is being undertaken. Not only is the walk to the station unpleasant and unappealing, but the station environment in its immediate vicinity is pretty dire. £3 million is to be spent from March 2017 improving the area.

Work on the area would also open up access to the Ridgeway, which runs atop the southern outfall sewer from Plumstead station to Thamesmead. Some money was recently spent improving access at various points but the area by the station is still far from inviting.

Consultation dates for the Plumstead and West Thamesmead development are:

  • 25 June, 10am – 2pm at Broadwater Village Hall, 1c Goosander Way, SE28 0ER
  • 28 June, 5 – 8pm at McDonald’s, 3 Pettman Crescent, SE28 0FF
  • 5 July, 3.30 – 7.30pm at Broadwater Village Hall, 1c Goosander Way, SE28 0ER


  1. Jim

    So by 900+ homes, it means flats!

  2. Dougal

    So many homes being built around this area and they seem to think ‘sticky plaster’ Crossrail will sort out the transport! I think we badly need new tube, overground and DLR lines extended here!

  3. Darren

    Any More NEWS on If this will go a head or not as This will be Directly outside by Work as in the Car park

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