Police break up party in Welling park

Welling Police broke up a large group of individuals having a party in an East Wickham park tonight (19th December).

According to police a group were stopped on Rippersley Road. Some ran away and were chased on foot into the park where others had gathered.

One person was arrested after a search revealed suspected stolen property and being in breach of covid restrictions.

Police state: “The person arrested a juvenile provided false details and address but we have finally established the correct address and they have been taken back their home address in North London where their correct details were verified de-arrested and the matter will be proceeded with away from police custody”.


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2 thoughts on “Police break up party in Welling park

  • lol so lots of people gather, some run away from police, one person found with suspected stolen goods and travelled all the way across the london and the end result is…no one gets anything except a free lift home.

    No wonder there’s so many cases. No chance of being punished if you ignore rules. From the top to the bottom its do what you want. Total difference to other countries where they are much stricter.

  • So a guy from North London travels to Welling Kent for a party during covid-19 restrictioins. No wonder they are so many cases in London and the South East.

    I wonder how many others have travelled miles for the party? With out any thougt for others !!


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