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Eltham development site for sale after housing plans rejected

A plot of land off Eltham High Street at Orangery Lane is for sale after two plans for housing were rejected.

The current land owners are asking £2.8 million for the plot.


The site is still likely to become housing in future given the town’s masterplan. Greenwich Council plan housing themselves at an adjacent site:

Greenwich Council plan on Orangery Lane

I covered those plans here.

Masterplan (click to enlarge)

Eltham’s masterplan is approaching nine years old and is likely to be rewritten in coming years.

On the market

If I had to guess on future developments, increasing density at a long row of single storey building is possible.

Single storey shops with taller blocks to rear

Lidl may well become a mixed use development in years to come, though after the company announced a move into constructing mixed-use sites little has happened. If they do, a new shop and flats above a car park would be likely.

The car park to the rear of Marks & Spencer will remain in the 2012 masterplan.

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  1. CDT

    With such a huge demand for housing in the Borough. It is a shame that after two planning applications were submitted planning permission has been rejected. Other than housing I cannot see what else the site can be used for.

    However, i do like mixed use developments with retail or commercial space at ground level.

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