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Cladding replacement needed at another Greenwich housing development

Plans have been submitted to remove flammable cladding at two housing blocks beside the Thames in Greenwich.

Granite and Wyndham Apartments in the River Gardens development were constructed around five years ago.

This is the latest block to see work undertaken in Greenwich. Many others have seen cladding replacement including New Capital Quay, the Greenwich Centre and many others on the Peninsula.

Cladding removal

In Thamesmead residents face a £13 million bill with service charges up to £6,000 a year partly funding a 24 hour fire watch.

River Gardens

Click here to view plans for River Gardens.


  1. Chris Sayudo

    The tenants and residents association at canada court and clifton lodge has been requesting our landlord pa housing for over a year to test our cladding as we believe it is dangerous but they have failed to do so

  2. Cash

    Seems odd the privately owned blocks having the works done yet HA blocks seem not!

  3. Sim

    This is such a massive national scandal, I can’t believe it’s not getting more coverage nationally. All I seem to read about are these fictional ‘record house price rises’.

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