Plumstead shopfront improvement project sees plans submitted

Plans have been submitted to improve a number of shopfronts along Plumstead High Street.

The funds are from the Good Growth Fund – which I covered in November 2019 – with £2.5 million coming from the Greater London Authority and £2.7 million from Greenwich Council. Shopfronts are just one element of wide-ranging scheme for the area.

Plumstead High Street

Stores with applications so far submitted include Plumstead Cash & Carry and Heera Fashions:

ABM Motors:





Kings Cafe:

Alan’s Beds

Parade of shops before and after

Other sites include Alan Ives. The majority of shops along the High Street and Lakedale Road have not seen improvement work submitted for planning. Maybe they aren’t happening – or maybe they will appear in time. I’ll keep an eye out.

One relatively simple and cheap improvement to the High Street was the removal of street clutter including excessive barriers. It’s now a much better place for it as a pedestrian – without being wedged into narrow paving. It’s also safer for cyclists who can be squeezed against railing increasing the risk of serious injury.

Research has shown safety improves when excessive railings are removed, in contrast to what some expect. Some areas do remain beside schools to protect children.


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14 thoughts on “Plumstead shopfront improvement project sees plans submitted

  • High street shopfronts seem to consist largely of cheap, garishly coloured metal construction that are never cleaned. The proposed replacements do no appear to be improvements.

    • Totally agree, this is just old garish plastic and metal shopfronts replaced with new garish plastic and metal shopfronts – no improvement at all. Might even be worse. A complete waste of money.

  • These elevation/interpretations/improvements look like they have been done by a web designer. Not that impressed. Seems like a waste of money. Would be better spent cleaning some of the scum off the streets. Take that whichever way you want

  • Why should the taxpayer subsidise what the shop/ building owners need to cough up for? The landlords of these building are sitting on a lot of equity, they are the ones that need to put their hands in their pockets.
    A more cost effective way is to enforce a building/ area conservation regulation that would restore the period heritage of this area’s architecture. For example, no illuminated or projected shop signage.

  • It looks like some of the shops could do with a little help. The Plumstead grocer looks nice – maybe more should go for a similar look?

  • Might be a good idea to do something about the parking in Lakedale Road too? So where does a disabled person park their car In Plumstead High Street? Cycles are fine if you are able bodied enough to ride one but not much good for carrying a weeks shopping home? Typical of Mayor Khans bright schemes, not thought out well enough!

    • Where are the cycle lanes on Plumstead High Street that stop parking?

  • The Wilton Road shops near Abbey Wood station had this kind of shopfront improvement work done to them back in 2018, in time for Crossrail (or so we thought!) – and honestly it’s really improved the look of the area. Plumstead desperately needs investment like this, it’s just not a nice or welcoming place to shop compared to neighbouring Welling or Woolwich.

  • Totally agree M it is the landlords responsibility to maintain their buildings. As the whole of the buildings need maintenance and freshening up and not just the shop fronts.

    The Council completed a similar scheme in Herbert Road Plumstead several years back which also included new coloured shutters for the shops, The street lighting was upgraded at the same time.

  • You are kidding me!
    We the electorate went to presentations, completed on line questionnaires and gave feedback where we can to only be shown what is effectively a change in window treatment and a new lick of paint.

    How on earth are these examples of restoring or retaining the characterful elements of plumstead high street. I was expecting an attempt to get rid of the cheap plastic hoardings and be replaced with quality traditional materials.

    Now the biggest joke is how much such minor improvements will cost compared to the amount spent on consultations and planning.
    It is totally frustrating to fight to obtain funding, then to have it wasted by the consultants and Greenwich council.

    So far nothing has been presented that should not be funded by a decent landlord who cares about the area. So I hope further plans are more substantial or we are looking at a total p!ss take.

    • I think it looks nice. At least they are trying to do something about the run down look of the place. If we all keep arguing about who’s responsibility it is to fix things, nothing will ever get done and the area will fall further into disrepair and ugliness. Too much complaining about a positive thing.

      • Local and national government should not be underwriting the expenses of private companies who are actually in profit. Commercial premises are in the hands of a few companies and it is they and not the rate and taxpayers whose responsibility it is to fix their properties.

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