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Another notice served on Plumstead High Street eyesore

Taken last year

Greenwich Council have served another Section 215 notice on the owner a a crumbling and infested building on Plumstead High Street.

Section 215’s order private owners to improve their building or land when it presents a hazard to the detriment of a local area.

This building has been infested for quite some time. Back in 2016 Greenwich Council’s officers stated the building wasn’t in need of a S215 notice. A local campaign changed that decision.

2017 plans approved but not carried out

It follows a S215 notice issued last year. The owner carried out some work but the issues have remained. This time around Greenwich Council are asking for the infestation to be dealt with and glazing to replace wooden boards placed over windows.

The owners have submitted planning applications for at least a decade with little work ever carried out.

If they flout this time the question remains whether Greenwich are willing to take it to court. It’s low risk for the authority.

The condition of the building makes it very likely any case brought would be successful. If the owner fails to pay a fine then a charge can be levied against the property, but the mere threat of court action is normally enough to get owners to fix or sell to someone who will.

And the precedent would likely weigh on the minds of building owners not maintaining buildings across the borough.

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  1. Charles Calthrop

    My memory only goes back to the 80s (when I was old enough to go to Video World) but that guano-covered facade and the black box in front of it have been one of the few constants of Plumstead High Street. I will have mixed feelings about its clean-up or removal for a good few seconds

  2. CDT

    This building does look an eyesore on Plumstead High Street. The building is in need of a full refurbishment and brought back in to use by the owner. Any infestations especially rodents could spread to over neighbouring buildings.

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