Top Shop & Burton could collapse threatening 13,000 jobs

Major retail group Arcadia are on the brink of entering administration after talks for investment failed. If they do, up to 13,000 jobs are at risk alongside many stores across south east London.

The group owns branches of Top Shop, Top Man, Burtons and Dorothy Perkins.

Burton have had a presence in Woolwich dating back decades and currently have a concession within Tesco and a store on Powis Street. They formerly occupied what is now TK Maxx. There are also branches in Bexleyheath and Bromley.

Former Burtons store on right at TK Maxx. Argos future now uncertain

Top Shop have branches in Bexleyheath and Bromley.

Dorothy Perkins share space in Woolwich with Burtons.

This latest blow threatens Woolwich in particular which has seen many major chains leave the town.

Other chains are in trouble, and Argos’ owner Sainsbury’s recently announced a plan to close many stores.



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6 thoughts on “Top Shop & Burton could collapse threatening 13,000 jobs

  • Phillip Green took his money out of the Arcadia Group years ago….he won’t be affected when the Group goes belly up….
    Over the last few years…those brands were neglected and lost their place……
    Unfortunately there is talk of 10% unemployment directly caused by this Govt over a minor virus
    Look through the shops closed on every High Street in the country…Arcadia is just one of thousands throwing in the towel

    • I wouldn’t call it a minor virus but I will say however that Covid is here forever and we have to live with it like the flu and the cold, it’ll be seasonal, quite frankly I’m far more concerned with the mental well-being of people, considering all the things that boost good and positive mental health have been stripped from us this year, perhaps those in favour of lockdowns should think about that rather than call others selfish when they too are putting their own fears and feelings above others just as much

  • Roy Coronavirus is anything but a minor virus tell that to someone who has lost someone to Coronavirus. or spent weeks in hospital fighting coronavirus, What a stupid comment to make.

  • The high street has been in decline for years and the pandemic has been an additional burder, HOWEVER, lockdowns would not be necessary if the population was compliant with a few simple precautions. Don’t blame the government because people are too selfish to do the bare minimum to keep themselves and others safe.

    • We can’t keep going into lockdowns forever though, at some point normality must return at least for the sake of saving the high street and thousands of jobs.

      And yes the government are partly to blame because their rules are completely and utterly made from thin air, not excusing people flouting the rules but in the first shutdown people did obey

      We should now be moving swiftly toward a return to normality and ending restrictions


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