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Charlton Primark to open for 24+ hours when lockdown ends

If you extremely bored you can – for some reason I can’t think of – go to Primark in Charlton and shop at 3am when lockdown ends next week.

The Charlton branch is one of 11 that will open for 24+ hours from 7am on Wednesday 2nd December and trade 24 hours through until closing time on Thursday 3rd December.

I hope the poor staff – many of whom are on minimum wages – and being paid well for this and not forced into it.


  1. Rara the lion

    Seems like a smart idea. Provides previously furloughed staff with extra hours to get some much needed pay and enables shoppers to spread out across the day and not be forced to queue up for hours on end throughout the day. Win-win.

  2. CDT

    It depends on what contracts employees are employed on. If employed on a zero hours contracts unfortunately you are normally paid basic pay for their shift regardless of the time of day or night in this case. Staff must be pleased to be back and earning again.

    You make a good point however, that shoppers can spread out throughout the day helping to reduce queues while also helping to maintain social distancing.

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