Taco Bell at Powis Street, Woolwich to open 22 December

Taco Bell in Woolwich town centre is set to open next week on Wednesday 22 December.

The site at 62 Powis Street will be located in an area of many fast food outlets, being next door to Greggs and two doors down from McDonalds.

German Donor Kebab are also set to open between Taco Bell and McDonalds.

How much of these stores’ custom will come from high street shoppers and how many at those living locally and using services such as Deliveroo and Just-Eat remains to be seen.

Taco Bell last week opened in Crayford and also plan to open in Bexleyheath.

The American fast food chain are embarking on expansion towards 200 units.


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6 thoughts on “Taco Bell at Powis Street, Woolwich to open 22 December

  • At least the empty shop is being occupied. I visited the McDonald’s for the first time in maybe 20 years recently and I was actually impressed at how clean and nice it was inside.

    I wonder who will move into the old New Look, Starbucks, Argos and soon to be vacant Clark’s sites.

  • This is the biggest news for Woolwich high Street in years, an actual reason to go!

  • I only know of Taco Bell from the film Demolition Man, where the future speaks of it in almost reverent whispers; possibly a joke that should have been dubbed here to something like Burger King. Still, I’d like to see what they’re about, and anything new for the area is a welcome bonus

  • Good stuff. I want to try taco Bell, never tried before.
    And GDK coming to Woolwich!? My God!
    I feel sorry for other kebab shops around Woolwich, because these GDK guys will take a lot of their customers.
    GDK is the best kebab maker ever.

    Hopefully Woolwich will be utterly transformed.

    Now we just need to get rid of street boys committing knife crimes.

  • I think of Demolition Man too when I think of Taco Bell! The joke was lost on non-US audiences. Basically Mexican (style) McDonalds, as long as you know it’s junk food I’m partial to one once in a while


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