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Greenwich, Woolwich

Gridlock hits Greenwich after M25 closure

Traffic is very heavy going across Greenwich tonight after a diesel spillage closed the M25.

The Blackwall Tunnel is backed up all the way to Eltham and in the opposite direction from the M25 to  Bexleyheath.

In the past 30 minutes tailbacks have extended from Charlton further towards Woolwich, where the ferry is not running today:

Traffic heading back to Woolwich. See customary car parked on cycle lane in eastbound carriageway

With rush hour yet to begin this disruption looks set to last for quite some time and impacting buses across the region.

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  1. Jo

    Today’s a good exmaple of why Silvertown Tunnel will do little. At first people may think a new crossing would help with an issue at the M25 – but Silvertown uses exactly the same roads south of the river as Blackwall and as seen they are blocked both east AND west. Another tunnel leading cars to that same space will do little.

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