Woolwich Works: What’s on in 2023

Live music and cultural venue Woolwich Works is now entering it’s second January so let’s see what’s in store for 2023 after a difficult opening period.

The venue hasn’t had the smoothest of starts, and needed a bailout after construction costs overran by £14 million from publicly declared £31.6 million during to £45.6 million. It was funded using public money.

As part of the bailout in 2022 it was stipulated that more “popular” programming be put on with complaints much of what had been put on was “too niche”.

Looking towards Woolwich pier with Woolwich Works venues either side

With that in mind, does 2023’s programming offer a chance to become a thriving, popular venue?

Well, not a lot appears to be on in January with just two events listed on 25th and 29th January. The line-up in February also looks sparse.  I always thought of Woolwich Works as a bit similar to Cafe Oto, and so I’ve checked out their listings. January is full of events.

I then looked at the Amersham Arms, which growing up in Abbey Wood was probably the nearest decent venue such was the dearth of venues. There’s loads on in January with much comedy and live music.

Perhaps it’s unfair to compare a venue in Zone 1 to Zone 4m or even Zone 2 with many students ab out. And could it be difficult to attract people to Zone 4 in January? Then again, with the Elizabeth line just 10 minutes from Canary Wharf, for example, and ample travel options via the DLR, Thameslink, Southeastern and Uberboat – aka Thames Clippers – it’s easy to reach from across the capital.

Woolwich Elizabeth line a short walk from venue

As for the type of events in February perhaps I’m out of touch, and with a four year old I’m more likely these days to be watching CBeebies than listening to much new music (though I do my best), and yet I can’t see a huge amount that appeals in the first few months of 2023.

As stated many a time when covering the gestation of this venue, I really do want it to succeed. South east London has been crying out for a good live music and cultural venue for years.

At least promotion seems a bit more visible, but there’s still a nagging feeling they need to greatly increase what is on offer to have a long term future.






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5 thoughts on “Woolwich Works: What’s on in 2023

  • You’re not wrong, there’s nothing on! Amersham arms leads the way… That said there’s so many staff in WW milling around simply to open a door that the high fixed costs of any event at WW most probably exclude local bands and comedians playing

  • Dear Murky, I hope you saw the Megson details for Sunday 29 Jan? If I had a 4-year old, I would rush to it, it seems a wonderful treat! But overall I agree with you, this is not an impressive programme for the venue…

  • Agreed, that’s not an impressive offer. But as you’re a parent of a 4-year old, I hope you spotted the Megson concert on Sunday 29 January. My kids are older now, but I would definitely have booked up for this show, it sounds really great! (I have no connection to Megson, so it’s a totally impartial plug!)

  • Oh whoops, I just see I have made the same comment twice. I thought the first one had disappeared!


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