Abbey Wood tower nears completion

A 22-floor tower under construction near Abbey Wood station is nearing completion.

Two blocks will see 245 homes in total at the Abbey Place development on Felixstowe Road.

Viewed from Harrow Manorway

It has turned out a bit more drab than renders (hide your shock).

Note the lighter shade of the taller tower’s frame in the below image and then what was actually built.

Blue skies

Glazing on balconies was also removed post-approval, far garish green now in place. Compare to muted tones seen in visuals at approval.

Glazing removed from balconies

The smaller of the two blocks has recessed balconies which work better. Commercial space is located at street level facing Felixstowe Road.

Street level

Residents have only a short walk to Abbey Wood station for Elizabeth line, Southeastern and Thameslink services, though the multi-million public realm upgrade is badly falling apart already.

This was paid for by Crossrail.

Not cleaned in a year – at best?

Pavement parking is common, expensive paving slabs covered in all manner of grime, are never cleaned plus littering is extensive including recently landscaped areas.

Most plants are dead. Maintenance is zero.

Expensive paving replaced by tarmac. Vehicle parked on paving

It’s a sorry site. The borough boundary between Bexley and Greenwich runs in the middle here and both sides are not looked after.

There’s areas nearby in Greenwich’s territory that see fly tipping almost daily for a decade. No action has ever been taken it appears to investigate offenders.

If it had, presumably it would stop. It never has.

This area is also unfinished with these concrete blocks dumped down for over a year now. This one finally fell off its unstable perch.

Blocks dumped down

It all screams a rush job. Cycle parking below the flyover is still fenced off.

Temporary fencing has long blocked cycle parking

Paving is cracked where vehicles drive over.

Paving is cracking as vehicles drive across. Courtesy @InAbbeyWood

To those moving in, welcome to the neighbourhood!


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3 thoughts on “Abbey Wood tower nears completion

  • Who are the Abbey Wood Cllrs? Why aren’t they making a fuss? Are they powerless in the face of officers who decline to listen?

  • I absolutely hate the tall tower it completely dominated the skyline especially from Lesnes Abbey. At least Southmere new builds are a reasonable height.


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