Plumstead High Street and shopfronts to be improved

Greenwich Council have announced welcome news that money is to be spent improving shop fronts along Plumstead High Street.

In a much needed boost for the long neglected High Street, money will come from the £5.2 million Good Growth Fund with £2.5 million from the Greater London Authority and £2.7 million from Greenwich Council.

Alongside money to improve buildings, shopkeepers will be asked for input on other projects to improve the High Street.

According to Greenwich Council: “architects Adams & Sutherland alongside its engagement team, make:good and Retail Revival, has been appointed by the Council to work with the local community to deliver improvements to Plumstead High Street. The practice is part of the Greater London Authority’s (GLA) Architecture Design and Urbanism Panel.”

This is the culmination of some very hard work by many local people. It was heavy pressure from residents that saw a Section 215 notice issued against a building that was crumbling and infested.

After a decade of planning application and no work, the owner of the building quickly got moving after the notice which permits hefty fines to be issued if buildings are allowed to fall apart.

Before work begun

Other plans for Good Growth Fund money include converting the listed former power station off White Hart Road into a “new market, studio space and nursery“.

Power station plans

Plans look good though access is poor and passing footfall will be non-existent. It will need to be a destination in its own right.

Power station plan

It’s not the only challenge. The High Street is a constrained site that is often bumper to bumper. Paths are narrow. Street furniture abounds limiting paving space further.

Lakedale Road just off the High Street

Originally funding aspirations for these projects in Plumstead was £6 million funding – of which £250,000 was to be spent drawing up plans for the power station site with work beginning in 2019/20. That doesn’t appear to have happened yet. £1.6 million was due to be spent on project construction.

Welcome to Plumstead

Other projects seem to be slipping far behind schedule including £2.5 million to upgrade the area around the station announced around 2016. It’s related to new homes nearby. Peabody consulted on sites over four years ago but as is sadly all too common with the Housing Association, are moving at an extremely slow speed.

Patience is a virtue.


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    7 thoughts on “Plumstead High Street and shopfronts to be improved

    • This is excelelnt news for the business owners and residents along Plumstead High Street. This area is long over due for an upgrade. I hope it will also not be too long before works can start to improve the area around the station.

    • Sorry for the typo. This is excellent news.

    • I agree about the low footfall. Do you think there would be any possibility of a new Train Station being added near to where the power station is? Woolwich Dockyard is pretty close to Woolwich Arsenal…
      The station could be called Plumstead Common 😊.

    • Yes the low footfall and not being easily accessible will be a problem. Hopefully somehow this can be improved to make the power station location a attractive place to visit.

      A new station could be called Plumstead White Heart Road or simply Plumstead Power Station. If another statuion was ever added. I think the road is to narrow for buses to use? Otherwise I was thinking a route with smalller buses like route 386 could possibly terminate here just a thought.

    • Very good news, It’s where money needs to be spent (the high street) It’s currently a very scruffy eye sore and brings down the area. Not too sure about the Power station plans as you said it’s got no footfall so will be interesting to see what actually happens there, I would have made it some sort of sports hall/area.

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    • Pingback: Plumstead shopfront improvement project sees plans submitted | Murky Depths

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