Revised plans for Deptford tower & 250 homes beside Creek

Revised plans for Deptford tower & 250 homes beside Creek

Revised plans have been submitted for 251 homes and a tower block in Deptford beside the Creek at Sun Wharf at the site of Jones Furniture warehouse.

Peabody and Bellway are behind the joint venture. This is the third revision in recent years. A year ago revised plans from those drawn up in 2018 were submitted. A year on and another revised plan is now in.

2020 design

By law all renders featuring a train must feature the London Overground even though they don’t serve the adjacent line, much like every bus featured must be a new Routemaster – even when few routes run into SE London.

Cockpit Arts are to remain in their plot on Creekside. They objected to the previous 2019 submission and revisions have been made.

Public path

A creekside walkway is planned alongside a path running adjacent to railway arches.

Deptford Creek path has been closed to the public since completion

Hopefully it actually opens to the public. A pedestrian path just over the creek is still locked years after development completed.

Not very exciting

Included in the proposal is 1854 square metres of commercial space at ground floor level.

This proposal continues to build-up the creek. A number of other housing developments are planned including 30-floor towers to the north:

Tower plans beside Trinity Laban

Alongside a tower on the Greenwich side of the creek which has gained approval:

Approved 2019

And this block at Saxon Wharf has been approved by Greenwich Council:

Approved February 2019 – viewed from Norman Road

Click here to view new plans for Sun Wharf.



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Murky Depths

11 thoughts on “Revised plans for Deptford tower & 250 homes beside Creek

  1. Looks like massive over-development, little recreational space, little mention of extra community facilities, little greenery, loads of money to big developers who don’t need to live here but probably live in leafy green areas, little concern for local environments, water ground run off etc, and loads of money to RBG which will disappear from view instead of being spent on the community/environment as intended. Its the 1970’s mistakes in planning all over again to try and resolve a housing crisis at the expense of building places people will enjoy and develop a community in. Opposition if even listened to might make a difference of a few less stories. There is no democratic input allowed here. What will this area be like in 30 years??? Most of the young professionals taking apartments with lovely new fittings will have moved on, and the lifts stop working……

    1. I agree Derek. Same problems that I have mentioned time and time again! No open spaces, over-built, not suitable for families etc etc.

  2. With the government’s recent planning reforms, which includes “automatic planning”, is this likely to sail through the planning process?

  3. Great. Looks like there’ll be a load more people moving in to an already crowded area. How much more traffic will this mean in the already conjested local roads? Ridiculous.

      1. It’s been an interesting development (pardon the pun) recently. I was at a block in Bermondsey a shirt while back which had a notice from LB of Southwark saying that there were no resident parking spaces and that they would not give CPZ passes to people who lived at the address.

        Murky – do you know if this sort of restriction has an impact on prices? Or is it so rare or new that there’s no reliable data?

        1. 2 years ago when I looked at newbuild apartments in this area (SE) out of 10 developments, 7 had such a restriction. So not new or uncommon.
          Fwiw, most come with a small supply of disabled/limited mobility parking spots.

    1. I agree Nic E. Car usage is up and will continue to increase as Sadiq Khan the current Mayor of London threatens almost on a daily basis to cut public transport further if he does not get more money fron the Government.

      With the current travel restictions on buses we need more buses on the road not fewer if car usage is to ever be reduced in the Greater London.

  4. Affordable housing this isn’t! (Even though the rooms are matchbox size) No parking because no elderly or disabled who need cars exist, except behind closed doors (no-one wants to see them do they?) and no schools because you can’t have kids in tower blocks! No pets because they foul up the area! No roads anyway because Mr Khan will price everything off them!

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