Channel 4 to make show on “flipping” homes for quick profits in Deptford

There’s 2,500 people in temporary housing tonight in Lewisham borough and many more on the housing waiting list, so what better place for Channel 4 to seek people for a show on how to “flip” a house and quickly profit ?

Public service broadcasting at it’s finest.

I was alerted to this after a staff member on the production company was looking for people in Deptford to become a contestant and make the most money by buying a home and quickly selling it on.

Channel 4 will be seeking to make homes more unaffordable for local people

The housing crises and poor state of living for ever more people seems irrelevant to the channel. I’m guessing those in charge have a few quid and aren’t at the coal face having to move every year and living with minimal security.

Channel 4 are provisionally calling the show “flipping fast” and state: “The budding developers will each be given a whopping £100,000 investment to kickstart their business, competing against each other to see who can make the most profit from property in just 12 months.”

How detached from reality do you have to be? It’s an obnoxious concept at best, but to do it in an area where the local authority are having to spend ever more millions on emergency accommodation is sickening. Just last week it was announced Lewisham council are spending millions to buy a former pub for emergency housing.

According to a report Lewisham Council “spent £109m on temporary accommodation between 2016/17 and 2019/20, of which £9.7m was net expenditure. These unrecoverable costs are largely driven by the use of nightly paid accommodation.”

Channel 4 commissioning editor Clemency Green said: “I am thrilled to be adding this brand-new competition format to the much-loved Channel 4 property slate.

“At a time when millions are considering a change in career and grappling with a tumultuous job market, who hasn’t daydreamed about the money to be made flipping houses? If only it was that simple!”

Yay! Let’s make housing unaffordable to more people. Get down the food bank losers! Won’t mummy and daddy put you up or buy you a place?

What a sad indictment of Channel 4 in 2021.



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    2 thoughts on “Channel 4 to make show on “flipping” homes for quick profits in Deptford

    • Where is the rest of the money coming from as £100,000 buys nothing anywhere in London? I agree with you that this “show” is morally bankrupt, but expect a high failure rate if amateurs enter the fray thinking they can make a quick profit.

    • £100,000 won’t go far, so contestants would have to bring a considerable investment of their own. Anyone with that sort of money to play with is a) doing alright without help from a gameshow and b) unlikely to want to televise the tricks of the trade.

      I can’t see anyone doing well and I can see a lot of people losing money. To be honest, if that’s the outcome and it puts off people becoming amateur home flippers, I’m fine with that. But let’s see…


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